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Member Since: 8/3/2007

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Name: Teci Hunter 2You
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Location: OregonCity, OR, United States
About Me:
Well theres way to much to say. One thing about me. It's all about me :) Ive been to the worst point in my life so now it can only go up and get better. Ive done the bad Boy naughty thing. Been a bad boy got that done and out of my system. now its time to grow up and work on my future. Thats why im here
I love Clubbing the night life is my life. I love going out to clubs and bars. Dancing is a big part of my life because its what i do. Im known for my dancing. Everyone who knows me knows thats what im about. But there more to me then that. I love photo's and modeling. I just got a new Job at A&F so im hopeing this new job will open alot of new doors for me and ifnot i hope this site will. I work out 4/5 tims a week 2/3 times a day. Im high maintences i take at least an hour and a half just   ...more
More Info:
Well me I'm 5'10 160 and loosing what cub i have working on all the parts i need working on and its coming along great. I love this new me. and so does everyone else. I have short black hair but im growning it out a lil to come past my eyes cause i think my ears stick out a lil bit to much so i wanna hide em a lil more lol. I have nice tan smooth soft skin. I'm native american indean so i always tan easy and always have a good tone throught out the year its nice. I'm very out going and everyone   ...more
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8/28/2007 10:17 PM
kewl profile!

8/24/2007 6:50 PM
showin some love!
dont 4get to vote!