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Member Since: 5/7/2007


Name: Adam
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Location: Warsaw, IN, United States
About Me:
Born and raised in Indiana. I perform all instruments and vocals and do my own recording on my p.c. (As you may or may not be able to tell). I have not been formally trained on any instruments except the violin...which I have never used in a recording situation. Let me know whatcha think!
Music, Money, Women, Music


4/13/2008 5:31 AM
hey man any new music???

wolf bane
4/10/2008 10:22 AM
whats up I got two new songs up check them out let me know what you think

9/14/2007 8:41 AM
no actually not famous at all....i wish i was..lol..but dont we all...all i am doing now is working and going to school...that is mainly my life...how are you and new music comeing???

9/14/2007 3:30 AM
wolf bane is a heathan!

9/13/2007 7:14 AM
Sound good...an Eric Johnson sound.

wolf bane
9/13/2007 2:23 AM
The only godd music and this site is jetbtkng cus he is a rocker for god P.S. free Bibles every show

wolf bane
9/13/2007 12:34 AM
Thanks for the Comments my Brother

wolf bane
9/10/2007 10:07 PM
so whats wrong with jetbtkng this fucker got a problem

wolf bane
8/27/2007 10:38 AM
what up I got some music up check it out

8/26/2007 12:40 PM
7879 in the house!
hip hop hope u love it