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Member Since: 1/13/2010

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Name: Ann
Age: 52
Gender: Female
I'm an: Artist
I'm also a: Mama, Willy's "Huny Bear", Gallery Owner, Instructor, Vocalist, Event Coordinator, Actress, Writer, Lumberjack (LOL)
Location: Kelseyville, CA, United States
Height: 5' 0"
Weight: 50 lbs
Ethnicity: Other
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Gray
About Me:
I have been drawing since I could hold a pencil. When I was 2 years old I wrote all the captions in our family photo album (my father was furious-not a huge fan of creative spelling I guess). I have 5 children. To say they are all brilliant & talented doesn't even do them justice. The same goes for the rest of my blood relatives; mom, dad, brother, even all the Grands were/are gifted. It's really been an honor to be part of my family. I've also worked as a vocalist, an actress, a write  ...more
My goal is to train and promote young visual and performing artists here in Lake County thru LAMb Young Artists Guild. I also am one of the producers of the Lake Renaissance Festival.
More Info:
I am tired of being asked my weight. I don't plan to model or audition and there's no place to put MYOB so I just picked 50#. I am part Bohemian (by blood and I guess my lifestyle to a degree) and English and Italian. I say this because altho some of my ancestors have been here for a few hundred years, the artistic side of me really feels all that heritage.


4/15/2012 7:46 AM
I LOVEEEEE your photos and I think that it is AWESOME that you were in a movie and that you are also a vocalist and writer!!!! :D

Oh also, I'm your newest fan:)

11/25/2011 10:45 PM
please look at my profile!!

10/30/2010 7:47 AM
thanks for becoming my fan. awsome work you got ther to

6/13/2010 6:47 PM
Your pics looks coool.love them

6/9/2010 2:13 PM
hey, thanks for your comments and votes, really appreciate good vibes, especially from someone so creative and experienced!

5/26/2010 5:08 PM
Hello I am portuguese I have 4 sites for music recorded at home with 300 wotts will see thanks. (http://tita090.skyrock. com) (wwwyoutube titacaldas) beautiful pics

2/21/2010 3:41 PM
Awww...yer awesome!!! Thanx...and LOL at my photo comment!!! I busted up so hard on that one!!! Even read it to my son had him goin' toooo!!!! :D Thanx again :)

2/14/2010 8:13 AM
And uh HAPPY V-DAY! Eat lots of chocolate, smell the roses, feel the love!

2/14/2010 8:12 AM
Thanks but no apology necessary.

2/14/2010 7:51 AM
defensive for all of us as one (if that makes sense...) sorry :(...I see you made it in the top three...congrads!!! There's still a chance, for the 'judges' choose the winners on the top 5..u might win after all!!! :) WOO HOO! good luck :)