Tip 1. The Audition Panel is on Your Side – They want you to be good. The audition panel needs to find good dancers. They hope every dancer who walks in the door is fantastic.

Tip 2. Be Prepared – Have everything you need for the audition. This includes proper shoes, band-aids or moleskin, proper attire, a photo and resume, if required, and more. Being prepared will help you feel confident when auditioning.

Tip 3. Prepare Mentally – With mental preparation, anything is possible. Take a few minutes to mentally prepare yourself and focus before an audition.

Tip 4. Dress Appropriately – When auditioning, dress for the job. For example, a dancer should dress differently for a hip-hop video audition than for the lead role in a video production of “The Nutcracker.” When possible, look “performance ready.” Find out the specifics and come to the audition dressed appropriately. In fact, it is a good idea to bring extra clothing, make-up, and hair accessories so you are able to change your look at the audition if necessary. You will help the audition panel “see” you in the part.

Tip 5. Do Not “Hide” – Do not hide in the back while learning choreography. The audition panel will appreciate seeing you learn the combinations. It gives them an idea of how you learn. Many times a lesser dancer who is a quick learner may win the part simply because the rehearsal time is short and the audition panel needs dancers that learn fast.

Tip 6. Ask Questions – Do not be afraid to ask questions. The audition panel will not think asking for help or clarification is a sign of weakness. It will show that you want to do your best. Do not ask silly questions or questions just to attract attention. Also, do not ask questions already answered. That will show you do not pay attention.

Tip 7. Do Not Change the Choreography – You may have a great idea of how to make the audition combination better, but resist the temptation to do it during your audition. The audition panel will not appreciate it and you may come off as difficult to work with. You will also alienate the choreographer and accomplish nothing but ruining your chances of getting the part. Perform audition combinations as taught.

Tip 8. Perform With Stage Presence – Perform as if you are actually on stage or on camera dancing the part when auditioning. Smile and use facial expressions and emotions. Let your confidence and dynamic personality come through. Use your eyes and look at the audition panel. Perfect technique will not get you the part if you cannot connect facially with the audience.

Tip 9. Take Corrections Well – A choreographer correcting you can actually be a good thing. If the choreographer or someone on the audition panel is specifically giving you corrections, it means they are paying attention to you and they like you. They would not take the time to correct you if they were not interested in you. Feel good about corrections.

Tip 10. Do Not Show Mistakes – If you make a mistake during a combination, do not let it show to the audition panel. Do not stop dancing or make a face. Many times the audition panel will have no idea you made a mistake – unless you let them know by “showing” it. If you look confident in your movement, the audition panel may even think the other dancers messed up and you did the combination correctly.