Ready to become an actor or become an actress? Here are some great tips to get you started.

  • The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Website ( – If you are serious about making it as a film or television actor, you must become eligible to join the Screen Actors Guild. Check the Screen Actors Guild website for eligibility requirements, search for union productions, and more. The website even has information on locating a SAG franchised talent agent and is a great free resource for any aspiring film and television actor or actress.

  • The American Federation of Television & Radio Artists ( – Also known as AFTRA, the American Federal of Television and Radio Artists is a union geared toward television and radio, or voice-over, actors. Check the AFTRA website for their eligibility requirements and read their library of information. The AFTRA website also includes information on locating an AFTRA union franchised agency.
  • Variety ( – Variety Magazine covers everything Hollywood including what is in production, box office numbers, and actor news. They have a print magazine and free online e-newsletters delivered to you via e-mail. A good actor knows what is going on in the industry and Variety will help. This really is a wonderful resource for aspiring actors and actresses.
  • The Hollywood Reporter ( – The Hollywood Reporter covers what is going on in the Hollywood film, television, and music industry. They have several free e-mail newsletters and e-alerts actors can receive. Check this website often to keep up on the film and television industry.
  • Backstage ( – Backstage bills itself as “an actor’s resource.” It sure is a great free resource. Visit their website and sign up for their free newsletters. You will also find free career information, message boards, casting information, news, reviews, and more. Backstage is truly an incredible actor’s resource.
  • The Internet Movie Database ( – This website is another great free resource. You can look up any production, past or in development. It will provide you with all of the casting and crew information, including storylines, directors, producers, and actor bios.

  • The Hollywood Creative Directory ( – The Hollywood Creative Directory sells directories and books for the entertainment industry. The books are not free; however, the website does feature some free information and a job board. The Hollywood Creative Directory gives contact information for every major Hollywood studio, producer, director, casting agency, talent agencies, and more. If you need contact information, this is the place to get it.

  • Taltopia ( – Taltopia’s website provides an outlet for up and coming talent and their fans to network. Taltopia’s mission is to help aspiring artists build industry contacts, find paying jobs in their field, and become famous! Their website boasts a job board and articles of advice for those pursuing careers as actors, models, dancers, musicians, comedians, and artists.

Now that you have all this advice, get started by becoming a member and searching Los Angeles Casting Calls or New York Casting Calls