Ready to enter Photography Contestsor join our Photography Community? Here are some tips to help you become a photographer.

If you have always loved taking photos, learning about how to make great photos and studying beautiful photos from the greats, then you may be the perfect person to become a professional photographer. If you want to become a photographer, either as a hobbyist or as a professional, here are some tips on how to get there:

  1. Learn, learn, learn- It’s very important to learn as much as you can about photography. Take classes at a local community center or college, read everything you can find and take online courses if possible.
  2. Practice makes perfect- When trying to become a photographer, you can never get enough practice. Take pictures of everything. Take pictures of people, places and objects, things and locations. Experiment with new things, new types of film and more.
  3. Get a mentor- It can be very helpful to have a mentor to answer your questions and show you the ropes about things.


Things You Will Need

Now that you are on the right track towards becoming a photographer, here are some other things that the pros say you will need:

  • A portfolio- this should include your best work or different portfolios for different types of photography that you do, each showcasing your best work.
  • A professional attitude- You will need to walk, talk and act like a professional photographer if you expect someone to hire you and consider you a professional.
  • Business cards- It’s all about networking and having business cards on hand at all times (even late night runs to the grocery) can ensure you never miss an opportunity to advertise what you do.
  • A quality camera- While a great photographer can make disposable camera snapshots look good, if you want to be a professional, you will need a professional quality camera.


How to Find Jobs

Once you have the mindset of a photographer and the talent and training to take good pictures, you will need to be able to find jobs. So now that you are prepared, how can you get jobs as a photographer?

  • Freelance- You can find many jobs working as a freelancer and just putting the word out there that you are working.
  • Just show up- At some public events you can simply show up, identify yourself as a photographer and people will come to you for your services.
  • Sell stock photos- Many photographers achieve an income by just taking photos of the things they enjoy and then selling the rights to use these as stock photos. The Internet makes this easier to do than ever before and it’s a great way to get discovered.
  • Look for opportunities with other photographers- Join a club or correspond with photographers in your area.
  • Try school photography, graduation photography and reunions. – People in these situations always need great photos taken and are usually willing to give an emerging photographer a shot.


These are some great ways to get yourself out there and become a professional photographer. Hard work and persistence really pay off in professions like this and if you are passionate about photography and making it a career, you can achieve success.