Ready to become an actor or become an actress? Here are some great tips to get you started.

If you’ve looked into the subject, it should be no secret that making it big in Hollywood can be tricky, stressful, and demanding. However, breaking into Hollywood doesn’t always have to be that difficult… it can also be exciting, fun, and rewarding.

So, how hard is it to break into Hollywood? Well, it all depends on you. Sure, talent plays a part, but the more you “do,” the more success you will see. Procrastination has led to many Hollywood failures. Skipping auditions because you are tired after waiting tables for ten hours and you really need to get the laundry done will get you nowhere fast.

The key to a successful acting career is action. If you put off advancing your career until tomorrow, suddenly it’s next week, then next month, and then years have gone by and you are no closer to achieving your acting dreams than when you started. Don’t procrastinate… you’ll regret it later.

You may “enjoy” acting, but an absolute “passion” for acting is a definite must to break into Hollywood. If you don’t have an unbreakable passion for acting and the entertainment industry, you might want to act for fun as a hobby instead of as a career. If you are overflowing with passion, go for it with the following in mind.

Don’t just head to Hollywood without a clear plan (and without a wad of cash). You may have heard about some lucky actors jumping off a bus with two dollars and a sandwich who make it big overnight. That’s not the norm in Hollywood and if you arrive thinking luck is all you need, you’ll end up out of luck quick.

People are luckiest when they are taking action. What some people consider luck may just be a plan coming together. If you have a career destination in mind and a plan on how to get there, you are ahead of most of your competition.

Do you want to be a film or television actor? Do you dream of being a soap star? What types of roles are best for you? How do you intend to market yourself and your “type” to casting directors?

Hoping, wishing, dreaming, and luck are not good plans for career success. To make your plan, analyze what you want to accomplish with your acting, learn from others, take classes, audition for everything you can, and read all of the articles here on Taltopia.

Don’t sit around worrying about what to do to take the next step in furthering your acting career… know what you need to do because it’s in your plan for success.

That being said, also keep in mind that all plans have the potential to veer off course, so acknowledge when you need to make a correction in your plan and do it. Go with the flow… as long as you stay centered on your ultimate goal.

Keep pushing and stay in constant action… all the time… even if it takes a long time to break into Hollywood. The only way to absolutely fail is to give up.

So, again, how hard is it to break into Hollywood? You don’t want to know the odds. The only real answer is “it’s as easy or as hard as you make it.”