Do you want to “be discovered” and achieve fame and fortune in a hurry? If you’re looking to get famous fast, you might want to think about reality TV. You may only achieve fifteen minutes of fame, but you could also possibly become a huge star from reality TV.

When applying for a reality TV show, keep the following tips in mind.

  • The Directions - The most important tip is to actually read the reality TV show application directions and follow them. Directions are included for a reason. If a reality TV show application requests a one-minute audition video and a one-page written bio, send exactly that… not a five-minute video minus the bio. The ability to follow directions is a quality that may help get you cast on a show. Remember… reality TV shows are still TV shows. Production schedules apply and people who don’t follow directions can put a show behind. Also, don’t keep contacting a casting director to ask if casting decisions have been made. If they want to cast you in a show, they’ll call.
  • The Written Application – Be detailed… no one word answers. Give examples and explain your answers to the questions, but don’t be long-winded, making a two-page application into twenty pages. If you have any interesting hobbies or skills, include them on your application to help you stand out from the rest. Don’t lie on your application! Be honest about everything from your job to your weight.
  • The Photographs – Many reality TV shows ask for photographs as part of the application. Ideally, send a close-up photograph of your face and another one of your entire body. Don’t send “professional” photographs. Clear, simple snapshots from a regular camera are best. Make sure your personality shines through and that you are the only one in the picture. Don’t send photographs you want returned, because they won’t be.
  • The Audition Video – Most reality TV shows ask potential cast members to send in an audition video. Stay within time constraints and get to the point fast. Casting directors want to see you on an audition video, not special effects or fancy graphics. The most important aspect is your personality. Casting directors look for personality first, so make sure it shows. Simple is best for audition videos. Shoot a clip at your job, at your home, and doing something interesting and unusual, like a hobby. Make sure the lighting is flattering, not dark or shadowy, and that the casting directors can tell what you really look like from the video. Consider having a friend or family member film your video instead of setting up your camera to record yourself. That way, the camera will always follow you and your cameraperson can zoom in or out to create visual interest. Make sure you are clearly heard and that there isn’t a lot of background noise. Don’t forget to put your contact information on your audition video in case it is separated from your written application.
  • The Open Casting Call – Many reality TV shows cast through open calls. If this is the case for your target show, be ready because you have mere seconds to impress a casting director at a reality TV show audition. Remember, your personality is the key to being cast, so sparkle at the audition. Figure out your “type” before your audition in case the casting director asks. For example, are you the hot muscle guy or the sweet funny guy? Dress in your “type” for the audition. If you think you are the hot muscle guy, then look like the hot muscle guy at the audition.

The best place to start applying to be on a reality TV show is on the website of the network airing the show. Network websites usually have a casting link where you can apply. If you don’t find a casting link for your favorite show, just contact the network through their website contact form for information on applying. There are many networks and production companies that produce reality TV shows, the following are a good place to start.

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If you want fame… and possibly fortune… fast, reality TV shows may be just the ticket for you. Reality TV provides a fun adventure and might help make your dream of stardom a reality.