Ready to promote your music? Here are some great tips to get you started.

Have you ever wanted to start a band, but aren’t exactly sure how to do it? If so, you’re in luck. This article will tell you how to start a band of your dreams.

The first thing you should do is decide what you want in a band.

  • What kind of music will your band play?
  • Which instruments do you want in your band?
  • How many people do you want in your band?
  • Will your band stay local or do you want band members who will travel?
  • Is this a “for fun” band or a “career” band?
  • What level of experience are you looking for?

Make these decisions and any others that apply before starting your band.

Once you have set out a plan for your band, write a “wanted” ad. For example:

Lead Guitar Player Starting a Country Band

25-year-old male lead guitarist in Atlanta starting a country band.
Style influenced by (name of bands). Need lead vocalist, drummer,
rhythm guitarist, and bass player. Serious musicians only. This
is a career band, not just for fun. Contact (list contact information).

After you have a well-written ad, it’s time to post your ad on some free online message boards. You might also want to consider your local newspapers, but be aware that placing an ad in the newspaper is not always free.

How to Start a Band: Step 1 - Start by placing your ad on Craigslist at and Musician Hunter at You can also search for band members on

Take the time to look at ads placed by other people wanting to start a band. You may find that someone else is looking to start the same band as you. If so, don’t hesitate to respond. You may just find your band mate.

How to Start a Band: Step 2 - Once you have placed your ad, don’t sit around and wait for a response. Tell your friends about your new band. Make up a flyer and post it at music stores in your area. In addition, hang your flyers in local schools, grocery stores, coffee shops, and anywhere else where you think you may find band members.

After posting your ad and flyers, you will start getting responses. Don’t just talk to potential band members via e-mail or text, actually pick up the phone and call them. You won’t get a good idea of their personality without talking to them. It’s easier to “weed out” those whom you don’t think will work in your band over the phone than at an actual audition.

How to Start a Band: Step 3 - After selecting your candidates, set up an audition at as neutral a place as possible. Already have determined where your new band will rehearse. Ask your prospective band mates to prepare a certain song or two in advance for the audition. Also, have the potential band members “show off” and do a little improv, or ad-libbing. This will give you a good idea of their skills. You should require all of the musicians to sing, too, even if it’s not their best thing. Every band needs back-up singers to enhance the lead vocals.

Don’t welcome members into your band at the audition. Take your time to think about it and notify them over the phone.

Two special considerations for starting your band include:

  • The Name of Your Band – If you have a name in mind, tell your potential band members up front. You don’t want a band to revolt against the name you cherish. If you state the name of the band in advance, you shouldn’t have a problem. Also, if you don’t have a name for your band, consider whether you want input from your band mates.
  • Sound Equipment – Musicians usually have their own instrument and even an amplifier, but a band also needs stage sound equipment like microphones, stands, monitors, speakers, and more. If you don’t have this equipment, decide if you want the band to pitch in to buy equipment or if you will foot the bill.

Take your time when auditioning. Don’t feel like you have to accept anyone who auditions into your band. If you wait for the right people, your band will come together successfully.