Ready to promote your music? Here are some great tips to get you started.

There is little chance of getting around it. If you want a singing career, at some point you are probably going to undergo the stress of a singing audition. While singing auditions can be stressful, you can help them be a little more stress free if you are prepared.

Most of the time singing auditions take place in a small space, not on a stage. Singing auditions for record labels often occur in a boardroom type situation with record executives in an office gathered around a large table. Sometimes singing auditions can resemble American Idol auditions in that they take place in front of a table of several judges or casting directors.

The number one reason singers do not perform well at an singing auditions is nerves. Many talented singers clam up at an audition because they are nervous to the point of shaking, having a trembling voice, and forgetting their words.

If you want to sing well at singing auditions, you have to calm down and realize that the people auditioning you want you to be good. They are rooting for you. They have the tough duty of finding the right singer for the job and they cross their fingers that every singer walking through the door is incredible. Unfortunately, with many singers suffering from uncontrollable nerves and with the singers who audition who are not good singers, the singing audition panel does not often find the great singer they hope to find.

While singing talent is vital, it is not enough to ace singing auditions. Consider the following when preparing for your singing auditions.

Singing Auditions: Tip #1 - Know what the audition panel is looking for in advance. If it is a country music audition, do not sing a pop song. Find out if you need a background track, sheet music, or if you will be singing acapella at the audition. You will be less nervous at your audition if you know you are providing exactly what the audition panel wants.

Singing Auditions: Tip #2 - It's all about song choice! Unless you are provided with a song for the audition, choose a song that suits your voice and vocal ability. If a song is too high or too low for you, choose a different song. The popularity of a song is not as important as how well you sing it. You could go into an audition, sing a simple song like Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, and beat out the competition if you come across well to the judges. It cannot be stressed enough - choose a song that suits your voice and vocal ability.

Singing Auditions: Tip #3 - Perform at your audition. You should sing as if it is the performance of your life to give the audition panel an idea of you as a finished and polished product. Many singers treat auditions as a rehearsal. An audition is like a job interview, you need to do your absolute best and give it everything you have to succeed.

Singing Auditions: Tip #4 - Do not get upset if the audition panel cuts you off from singing after only a few seconds or bars of music. They know within the first ten seconds who can sing and who cannot. Many times, singers are cut off because there are many people waiting to audition and the audition panel is trying to be time efficient. Being cut off does not mean anything except that the audition panel does not need to hear anymore from you at that moment.

If the audition panel gives you direction or criticism, take it gracefully and use it. Many times, audition panels may give you a criticism and ask you to audition again with the advice in mind just to see how directable you are. If the audition panel takes the time to offer you direction or criticism, that means they are somewhat interested in you. If they weren't, they wouldn't waste their time.

Singing Auditions: Tip #5 - Do not make any conclusions. Unless you are part of the audition panel, you do not know what they are thinking. Thank the audition panel after the audition, forget about it, and move on to the next singing audition. Every time you audition, you get stronger at auditioning.