Looking for a graphic design job? Here are some tips about careers in graphic design to help get you started.

Graphic Design Careers

Graphic design Careers require artistic talent along with skill, knowledge, and the ability to work in a wide range of styles. Graphic designers use technology, images, and words to create visual designs that include everything from corporate logos to artwork, advertising, and multimedia presentations.

Interacting with clients and business professionals, those seeking graphic design careers need to know how to market themselves. To build a successful graphic design career in today's graphic design market, graphic designers also need the following graphic design skills.

Graphic Design Careers: Skill #1 - Adobe Photoshop - As a graphic designer, you must be skilled using Adobe Photoshop. A crucial program for graphic designers, Adobe Photoshop involves pixels, layers, masks, color correction, channels, photograph manipulation, and much more. Adobe Photoshop is the computer program used by most graphic designers and graphic design schools.

Graphic Design Careers: Skill #2 - Adobe InDesign - This computer program helps graphic designers with page layouts for projects such as brochures, catalogs, magazines, books, advertisements, and more. In addition to putting together layouts with photographs and illustrations, InDesign also allows for setting text within page designs. Most printers prefer to work off pages designed with Adobe InDesign, but many also work with a similar program called Quark Express.

Graphic Design Careers: Skill #3 - Adobe Illustrator - Adobe's Illustrator computer program is vital for creating clean artwork with crisp lines using vector graphics. Adobe Illustrator comes in handy for creating logos, posters, and other types of print work. It is a huge program, but once learned it is an incredibly valuable and necessary tool for graphic designers.

Graphic Design Careers: Skill #4 Flash - The most commonly used video program used in graphic design is Flash. Graphic designers use Flash to create animation or movie videos for the Internet. Flash Player is commonly pre-installed on most new computers so Flash video is easily played on just about any computer. Flash becomes a more important program for graphic designers every day.

Graphic Design Careers: Skill #5 - Typographic Design - An often overlooked skill that makes for great graphic design is typography. By using appropriate and well-designed type, a graphic designer can make a good design great. Graphic designers should be familiar with all fonts, including the standards of Open Type, Post Script, and True Type fonts.

Graphic Design Careers: Skill #6 - An Endless Supply of Ideas - Being an incredible artist, master of typography, and having expert knowledge of graphic design computer programs will not make you a successful graphic designer unless you possess the ability to constantly come up with fresh, creative ideas. Generating brilliant ideas on the spur of the moment is of vital importance in a graphic design career.

Graphic Design Careers: Skill #7 - Networking Ability - You will not become a successful graphic designer if nobody knows you exist. The ability to get out there and network can pay off in big ways. Tell everyone you know you are a graphic designer; attend seminars, classes, and networking events. Keep in touch with past clients and join professional associations.

Graphic Design Careers: Skill #8 - Good Business Skills - You can't be successful in your graphic design business if you don't know how to run a business. Take the time to learn the skills necessary to running a business, including marketing, accounting, budgeting, making presentations, being business-savvy, and more.