So, you want you want to know how to make a short film. Making a short film is so easy, right? WRONG! Even though it's short, making a short film can be a lot harder than a full-length feature film. With less than ten minutes to tell an entire story or get a point across, it calls for some good organization and filmmaking skills. Consider the following when shooting your short film.

How To Make a Short Film: Tip #1 - Make Interesting Short Films - Write or choose original and creative scripts that are interesting to you. If you film something you are enthusiastic about, it will come through in the final finished edit of the short film.

How To Make a Short Film: Tip #2 - Choose Your Medium Wisely - Are you shooting digital video, high definition, or something else? Your medium affects the overall look of your story, so know the good and the bad and choose your medium wisely.

How To Make a Short Film: Tip #3 - Avoid Typical Shots - Take the time to make your short film stand out by avoiding typical shots. Short films allow you the opportunity to be a little more artsy and less boring when it comes to shot choices. Many filmmakers use short films as a step toward directing full-length feature films, so make it stand out.

How To Make a Short Film: Tip #4 - Sound is So Important - Most filmmakers become so focused on the visual that they ignore the sound, but sound is incredibly important to the success of a short film. People are more forgiving of a short film that doesn't have amazing video quality or special effects, but if it's hard to hear, they will be brutal about the quality of a short film. Don't ignore the importance of good sound to your short films.

How To Make a Short Film: Tip #5 - Keep Your Short Films Short - Just because you have ten minutes to tell your story doesn't mean you should drag out your short film the entire ten minutes. Many of the most successful short films have only been two and five minutes long. Make your short film grab the viewer's attention quickly and hold it through to the end. Only use the time you need to effectively tell the story.

How To Make a Short Film: Tip #6 - Keep Credits to a Minimum - Don't make the opening and closing credits longer than the actual film! Everyone knows you are proud of your short film and that you want to mention and thank everyone involved, but keep it brief. It is usually best to get to the film right at the beginning, but if you want to include opening credits, only quickly list the name of the short film, the writer, the director, and the producer. Save the listing of the actors and which characters they played, the crew, special thanks, and other credits for the closing credits.

How To Make a Short Film: Tip #7 - Stick to Your Budget - No short film is worth the pain of bankruptcy. Set a budget for your short film and stick to it! Rent equipment instead of purchasing it, use actors and crew members who will be involved free just for the experience (as long as they are skilled).

How To Make a Short Film: Tip #8 - Promote It - After your short film is finished and polished to perfection, promote it. Don't let it sit on your hard drive, show it to the world. Submit your short film to festivals, promote it to studios, and upload it to the Internet for the world to enjoy.