Dance agents are the key to opening the doors for real dance jobs. Sure there are jobs out there that hundreds of dancers take to do small shows and at home music videos but these jobs don’t pay. If you want the good jobs; the big music videos, tours, Broadway and the much sought after commercials you have to have a dance agent. Casting directors know which agencies have the best hot new dancers and that’s exactly who they call. Often times a breakdown isn’t even sent out because there’s no need, they can fulfill their roles with one or two agencies dancers. Thus acing your audition with a top dance agent is vital. But how do you know what they’re looking for? It’s simple, they want a great dancer, right? Yeah, but they also want a lot more than that.

Well trained
Take some classes at well known studios and put those on your resume. Sure you could have danced for fifteen years at your home studio but if you’ve never taken a class from a major conservatory or famous studio in LA or NY your picture and resume are going in the trash. Training counts.

Killer technique
When you dance for them hold back on going crazy with tricks and turns you’re not capable of doing cleanly. Technique is extremely important, especially for Broadway or tour auditions. They want technically trained dancers who can turn out from their hips, wing their toes and produce clear, crisp taps.

Varied styles
Becoming a professional in one style is great but for auditioning you need much more. Much of today’s work is mixed styles already so you need to be able to adapt and pick up choreography quickly, there’s no time for practicing and reviewing time and again.

Able to do tricks
Tumbling is a major asset. It gives a choreographer the option of just randomly throwing in tricks at their discretion because it adds spice and spunk. Plus tumbling will keep you even more in shape because it require so much inner muscle to perform.

Great personality
So you can dance but can you act? How about smile, perform or have a good conversation and listen? These are all important because no one wants to work with a smart ass jerk or a snotty brat. You need to be a nice person and be willing to listen so you can take direction.

Versatile look
Can you look like several different people and pull off any style or trend? Good. You’ll need it. If you want to work a lot you’re going to have to continue to reinvent yourself and be willing to change you looks as you change your dance styles daily.