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If you are an artist with above average computer skills, especially being familiar with computer animation technology, you could make it big with a career in animation. Animators can take ideas and turn them into lifelike images that efficiently and realistically communicate through video games, movies, television, the Internet, and more.

An animator can take many different career paths. Most people associate animation with television or movie cartoons. While cartoons will continue to offer numerous opportunities for animators in the future, there are an increasing number of other options for creative animators.

Today, more and more creative businesses are hiring animators. Lucrative employment opportunities are available for animators with advertising agencies, video game producers, animation companies, movie studios, television studios, web design companies, and more. Thanks to the Internet, many animators are working at home in their own animation businesses on a freelance basis.

While most basic animation positions require a bachelor's degree in animation, media, or fine arts, newly developed animation schools and art institutes are offering specific animation courses. However, any animator with the knowledge, talent, and a killer portfolio will likely be hired just as quickly, regardless of their level of formal education in animation.

Animation for Film and Television Production Companies

There is a huge market for talented animators within television and movie production companies. Projects for film production companies include everything from movie logos to 3D cartoons, and special effects. Many movies, including Wall-e, have relied on 3D computer animation to take animation to a new, even more realistic level. Some movies, like Lord of the Rings, have taken animation a step further by animating characters that appear alive within a regular film.

Television production company animation opportunities include the wide-open field of commercials. The majority of commercials produced today contain some sort of animation, even if it is only the logo of a product or a tap dancing bottle of dishwashing liquid.

Animation for Video Games

Video games are hot and are predicted to be a lasting trend in the future for both kids and adults. Most video games require the talent of a team of animators to work to bring new, exciting games to market. They key to good video game animation is realistic character movements and a great concept. Video games also need awesome special effects and visual effects (like lighting) to draw players into the game. Video games share many of the same principles as movies. Many video games today are also educational, requiring animators capable of designing characters for preschool children.

Animation for the Internet

The market for animators on the Internet is increasing every day. From web design to advertisements, the Internet can provide an incredible opportunity for animators. Even video game companies and film and television production companies need web animators to produce websites for their projects. Every movie or video game needs a website. Regular websites use animators to create flash animation and the music industry in need of animators for artist websites.