Ready to promote your music and join our music community? Here are some great tips to get you started.

When it comes to music, promoting it is almost important as creating it when you are pursuing a career as a professional musician. The Internet provides many ways to promote music out to the people who will purchase it.

If you ignore the Internet as a vehicle to promote music, you are missing out. The Internet provides a way for you to market your music to the world for pennies. With the entire world as your new audience, you will find millions of potential fans. It doesn't even matter if they live near you or if your album is available in their local store. With the Internet, people who love your music can live anywhere.

Offline marketing can only reach so many people. With millions of people accessing the Internet daily, you have a huge instant audience. Not only will people from around the world listen to and buy your music, but you can become an overnight star.

While the Internet is a great tool when it comes to getting fans, its hugeness can leave some musicians a little bewildered as to where they should begin. Consider the following when promoting your music on the Internet.

Promote Music Tip #1: Categorize Your Music - As artists, musicians hate to be labeled, but think about consumers before refusing to categorize your music. By categorizing and promoting the category of music you fit into, you will make it easier for your potential fans to find you. If rap is your thing, categorize yourself so that people who love rap music can find you in an Internet search. The time you spend promoting music on the internet is wasted if the people who love the type of music you sing never hear your music because they couldn't find your music.

Promote Music Tip #2: Create an Image - Just like with any successful business, you should set out to create an image for yourself and your music. Image is important today and by creating an Internet presence showing your image, you give the world a look at what you are all about. Come up with a logo for your name, band, album, and anything else that applies. Use these logos constantly to put for your image.

Promote Music Tip #3: Build a Website - The best sure-fire way to find fans on the Internet is by building a website. If you want people to think you are a successful musician, you need a website. People expect anyone successful to have a website these days. If you don't have the knowledge to create your own website, hire someone fast. A website provides a link between you and your fans. This virtual real estate gives you an Internet identity. Make sure your website is consistent with the image you want to project.

Promote Music Tip #4: Use Social Marketing - To draw in new fans like a magnet, take advantage of free social marketing websites on the Internet, like blogs, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Taltopia, Squidoo, podcasting, and more. All of these Internet promotion vehicles offer you ways to contact with potential fans while linking back to your own website. Blogs allow you to make use of keyword marketing and to keep your fans up on what's happening with your music. Podcasting, Taltopia, and YouTube offer you a way to put on a video concert for your Internet fans. MySpace and Facebook are widely used by people looking for new music.

Promoting your music on the Internet is simple and can be very lucrative for your music career. So, get out there! Write, record, and put your music on the Internet and promote your music to the world.