Ready to become an actor or become an actress? Here are some great tips to get you started.

Ask Yourself “Do I Want to Be an Actor or Do I Just Want to Be Famous?” – Acting is hard work. Before pursuing an acting career, make sure you really want to be an actor and are not just looking to be famous. They are two separate things. You must want to be an actor to be good at it. There are easier ways to be famous than by acting.

You Need an Agent – Anyone who says you do not need an agent to make it as a professional actor is crazy.

Join a Professional Acting Class – Talk to working actors about classes they attend and get recommendations. Ask if the acting class provides agent and casting director showcases, auditions, or performance opportunities. Join a professional acting class, not a workshop at Miss Dolly’s Dance School or a class at the local parks and rec. Also, sign up for specialty acting classes, such as soap opera acting, film, television, and commercial acting.

Great Headshots – Great headshots will get you work. They are your calling card. They get agents and casting directors interested in seeing you. Get recommendations for photographers from agents, casting directors, and working actors. Meet with your prospective photographer and study his or her portfolio. Look for incredible headshots that are full of life and personality. Choose a photographer who is comfortable to be around and gives you plenty of time and direction.

A Professional Resume – You must have a resume, even if you do not have many acting credits. You do not need a page full of paragraphs of text talking about your actin. Consider having a professional prepare your resume. A good resume includes contact information, personal statistics (height,, weight, hair color, eye color, age range, clothing size, shoe size), special skills (singing, impressions, accents, etc.), training when applicable, and a bullet breakdown of past acting experience including production name, production company, and part played. Double-check your resume for spelling errors and then print it on the back of your headshot.

Get Out There – The perfect role will not come looking for you, so do not sit around and wait for it. Get out there and act in everything you can. Continuously seek acting roles, even if they are not the perfect roles you desire. You will become a stronger actor every time you act. It will also provide networking opportunities as you meet directors, agents, casting directors, and other actors. Working as an actor will lead to more work as an actor.

Check Your Attitude – Hollywood is a small town. Nobody wants to work with a difficult actor, so leave your diva attitude at home. The more likable and professional you are, the more acting roles that will come your way.

Commit to Being an Actor – Many actors never reach the level they desire because they never fully commit to being an actor. They let daily life get in the way. Just saying you are an actor will not bring about success. You need to commit to being an actor and always being taking the next step to further your career.