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How to Promote Music on the Internet

Ready to promote your music and join our music community? Here are some great tips to get you started. When it comes to music, promoting it is almost important as creating it when you are pursuing a career as a professional musician. The Internet provides many ways to promote music out to the people who will purchase it. If you ignore the Internet as a vehicle to promote music, you are missing out. The Internet provides a way for you to market your music to the world for pennies. With the entire world as your new audience, you will find millions of potential fans. It doesn't even matter if they live near you or if your album is available in their local store. With the Internet, people who love your music can live anywhere. Offline marketing can only reach so many people. With millions of people accessing the Internet daily, you have a huge instant audience. Not only will people from around the world listen to and buy your music, but you can become an overnight star. While the Internet is a great tool when it comes to getting fans, its hugeness can leave some musicians a little bewildered as to where they should begin. Consider the following when promoting your music on the Internet. Promote Music Tip #1: Categorize Your Music - As artists, musicians hate to be labeled, but think about consumers before refusing to categorize your music. By categorizing and promoting the category of music you fit into, you will make it easier for your potential fans to find you. If rap is your thing, categorize yourself so that people who love rap music can find you in an Internet search. The time you spend... read more

How to do well at Singing Auditions

Ready to promote your music? Here are some great tips to get you started. There is little chance of getting around it. If you want a singing career, at some point you are probably going to undergo the stress of a singing audition. While singing auditions can be stressful, you can help them be a little more stress free if you are prepared. Most of the time singing auditions take place in a small space, not on a stage. Singing auditions for record labels often occur in a boardroom type situation with record executives in an office gathered around a large table. Sometimes singing auditions can resemble American Idol auditions in that they take place in front of a table of several judges or casting directors. The number one reason singers do not perform well at an singing auditions is nerves. Many talented singers clam up at an audition because they are nervous to the point of shaking, having a trembling voice, and forgetting their words. If you want to sing well at singing auditions, you have to calm down and realize that the people auditioning you want you to be good. They are rooting for you. They have the tough duty of finding the right singer for the job and they cross their fingers that every singer walking through the door is incredible. Unfortunately, with many singers suffering from uncontrollable nerves and with the singers who audition who are not good singers, the singing audition panel does not often find the great singer they hope to find. While singing talent is vital, it is not enough to ace singing auditions. Consider the following when preparing for your singing auditions. Singing Auditions: Tip #1 - Know what the audit... read more

Picking the Right Songs to Sing

Ready to promote your music? Here are some great tips to get you started. Singers work on their voice, their stage presence, and even their look but they often neglect one crucial component that can make or break their singing career - song choice. If you are not a songwriter and do not have your own original songs, you must sing other artist's songs, also known as cover songs. Not having original songs will not necessarily hurt your chances of making it big in the music industry, but choosing the wrong cover songs could actually ruin your career quickly. The first step in choosing the right song is to evaluate your singing voice. Every singer is different, even famous ones. Some singers specialize in power while others have a smooth, sultry quality. People with a thick southern accent often choose country songs and singers with classical vocal training usually stick with opera or Broadway songs. This may sound a little silly and obvious, but before choosing a song think about who you are. You want to choose a song that is believable when you sing it. It is odd when a thirteen-year-old girl sings a song like Reba McEntire's Does He Love You, about a cheating spouse. Likewise, it would be strange for a fifty-year-old singer to sing Taylor Swift's teenage love song, Our Song. It is not always best to pick the songs you love to listen to when choosing songs to sing. Look for songs that fit your vocal type and ability so you are comfortable singing and can put your extra energy into putting on a great performance. If you have a soft, low voice, you will struggle through Christina Aguilera's The Voice Within but Colbie Caillat's Realize may suit you perfectly. By c... read more

Advancing Your Career in the Music Industry

Ready to promote your music and join our music community? Here are some great tips to get you started. What should you do if you're having trouble getting managers, agents, and record labels interested in promoting your music? Do it yourself! By doing it yourself, you show your professionalism, dedication, and the possible profitability of your music. By achieving a level of success on your own, you will attract the attention of managers, agents, and record labels that will be happy to take your music to the highest level. Your Music Your music is the most vital part of advancing your career in the music industry. Good songs, marketability, and talent drive the music industry. Take the time to work on your songwriting, vocals, musicianship, and performance abilities. It is also important that you are able to classify your style of music by putting it in an existing genre. The music industry is caught up in classifying music by category, so make sure your music fits into one. Write up a sentence about your style of music so you will be ready to describe it quickly and accurately. Your Management Another important aspect to a successful career in the music industry is having good management. Most artist management companies will not be interested in a musician just starting out. The best way to get past this is to practice self-management. Honestly evaluate how well your music can compete in the music industry. Study other musicians that are similar to you, looking for ways that you can emulate their success. Come up with a plan for reaching your fans and moving your career... read more

Top Ten Tips for New Musicians and Bands

Ready to promote your music and join our music community? Here are some great tips to get you started. Many times great musicians and bands remain a secret to the world. Why? Because those great musicians and bands don't quite know how to market themselves. Sometimes they are a little intimidated at the thought of "tooting their own horn." Marketing your music is a lot easier than you may think and it all begins with a good press kit. Don't freak out! A press kit is not difficult to put together. It's not mysterious or incredibly expensive. A press kit is simply a demo of your music along with pictures and information about you and/or your band. After putting your press kit together using the following ten tips, you'll be ready to market your music to the world. 1. Be Professional - Your music may be creative, even bizarre, but the theme of your press kit should be all business. This doesn't mean your press kit should sound stuffy. It just means that you should keep it professional while putting forth a "hip" image of you and your music. Agents, reps, radio stations, and club owners get tons of press kits and most of the time they are not put together well. Don't make a bad impression on someone who could make or break your career. If you present a professional press kit, you will give the reader confidence in your talent and dedication to your career. Besides, many times people will look at your press kit first before deciding whether to listen to your demo. If your press kit is good, your demo will be heard. 2. Be Honest - Don't lie in your press kit! You o... read more

Top Ten Vocal Tips for Singers

Ready to promote your music? Here are some great tips to get you started. Drink Plenty of Water – I know, I know... everyone has heard this a billion times, but in addition to hydrating your body, water will lubricate your vocal cords and thin out that annoying mucus. A hydrated voice always sounds better. Don’t drink too much water. Just drink enough water to feel good and hydrated. (Caffeinated drinks and fruit juices don’t count!) Take Time to Warm Up – Gradually warm up your voice before hitting the stage. Begin your warm up gently before gradually increasing the intensity and range. Consider vocal exercises or marking through a simple song. Don’t whisper or scream during your warm up. Get Enough Rest – I know, it’s another common sense tip, but getting plenty of rest before singing will increase your energy and performance. You won’t sing at the top of your game if your voice is tired. A tired body and a tired voice will bring about a tired performance. Don’t Smoke – Smoking will irritate your vocal cords. It can cause swelling and may damage your voice. Don’t risk your career for a cigarette. Pay Attention to What You Eat – The food you eat can affect your singing. Dairy foods in particular can increase mucus in your vocal cords. Pay attention to what you eat before you sing and make a note of how it affects your voice. In addition, eat a while before singing to give your food some “settling” time. Being too full may affect your breathing and your singing, not to mention that you don’t want an accidental belch to happen during the biggest moment o... read more

How To Start a Band

Ready to promote your music? Here are some great tips to get you started. Have you ever wanted to start a band, but aren’t exactly sure how to do it? If so, you’re in luck. This article will tell you how to start a band of your dreams. The first thing you should do is decide what you want in a band. What kind of music will your band play? Which instruments do you want in your band? How many people do you want in your band? Will your band stay local or do you want band members who will travel? Is this a “for fun” band or a “career” band? What level of experience are you looking for? Make these decisions and any others that apply before starting your band. Once you have set out a plan for your band, write a “wanted” ad. For example: Lead Guitar Player Starting a Country Band 25-year-old male lead guitarist in Atlanta starting a country band. Style influenced by (name of bands). Need lead vocalist, drummer, rhythm guitarist, and bass player. Serious musicians only. This is a career band, not just for fun. Contact (list contact information). After you have a well-written ad, it’s time to post your ad on some free online message boards. You might also want to consider your local newspapers, but be aware that placing an ad in the newspaper is not always free. How to Start a Band: Step 1 - Start by placing your ad on Craigslist at http://www.craigslist.com and Musician Hunter at read more

Best Free Resources for Musicians

Ready to promote your music? Here are some great tips to get you started. Best Free Resources for Musicians Are you looking to break into the business as a musician? Do you want to learn more about the music industry, how it works and how you can be part of the music scene? Everyone can use a leg up now and again and the music industry is the kind of business where it helps to know someone or to find free resources here and there. You should take full advantage of any and all free resources that are available for aspiring musicians. If you’re serious about working in the music business professionally, you have to take a serious approach to learning. Does this mean you have to attend the best or most expensive music school around? Well, while that may be helpful, it’s not a necessity. Instead, you need to learn to make the most of every resource and opportunity around you. If you want to play in a professional orchestra, then you need to try to study with a professional. You want to put yourself into a direct mentorship with someone who has achieved the goals that you hope to achieve for yourself if at all possible. This person will have more knowledge to pass on to you than you can ever hope to gain from books or college. It’s important that you try to associate yourself with the best musicians in the business so that you can learn from them and benefit from their knowledge and experience. Another idea is to attend all music festivals, conferences and any other musician related event that you can get yourself into. Be persistent and prepared for a long and hard battle ahead of you. While it isn’t always easy, there are many ... read more