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Modeling Articles

How To Improve Your Catwalk Skills

Are you ready to become a model? Here are some great tips to get you started: If you want to be a runway or high fashion model you will need a killer catwalk. It's a must. The walk on the runway is what sells a designer's clothes and if you have an awkward walk or look uncomfortable it will have an effect on the clothing. Suddenly a gorgeous garment will appear strange or slightly off. For this reason a designer will never book a model for a runway show unless they can really attack that walk and sell the clothes. So break out the stilettos, a video camera, digital camera, tape, and grab a good friend, because it's time to practice. Try out the shoes Always practice in high heels. Mix it up between stilettos and regular high heels as well as clogs and shorter shoes. You need to learn how to balance in each shoe and comfortably take a stride. The more shoes you try walking in the better because you never know what a designer or stylist will put you in. Posture Work on your posture. Push your shoulders back and tilt the pelvis forward and upward. You should be leaning back slightly. This is the correct posture for walking the runway. Hold this posture for several minutes at a time before relaxing. The more you practice the more natural it will become. Tape the floor Use masking tape to create a straight line down a hallway, outdoor patio or across a long room with a wood floor. Walk on the line one foot crossing in front of the other. You want to lead with your hips and extend your walking leg out fairly far so you are taking strides, not baby steps. Land on the toes and press your foot into the floor through your to... read more

How to Put Together a Modeling Portfolio

Are you ready to become a model? Here are some great tips to get you started: Putting Together a Modeling Portfolio Putting together a modeling portfolio allows you to easily present your modeling photographs to potential clients. Your modeling portfolio should include a collection of photographs that show you in your best looks. Modeling agencies usually have a set way they like a modeling portfolio to be arranged. This differs by agency, but you can put together a modeling portfolio separate from your agency portfolio or just for your own use if you are not represented by a modeling agency. Keep the following in mind when putting together your own modeling portfolio. Buy a 9"x12" or 11"x14" simple black portfolio book for displaying your photographs. Portfolio books can be found at any art supply or photography store. Make sure you get a portfolio book and not a picture album. There is a big difference. A black portfolio book that zips shut and has two black handles is perfect. The quality of the photographs in your portfolio is more important than having a large number of photographs in your portfolio. If you have three really great pictures, they will make for a better portfolio than using fifty not so great ones. More is not always better. Go for quality. Larger pictures of 9"x12" or 11"x14" are better than smaller sizes. Large pictures are industry standard for portfolio use and give clients a better image when considering you for a modeling job. Go for variety when possible. Don't put ten photographs of you with the same back... read more

Ten Tips for Breaking into Plus Size Modeling

Are you ready to become a model? Here are some great tips to get you started: Modeling isn't just for the stick thin anymore. Today, there is a huge demand for plus size women to model fashion, lingerie, in catalogs, or even in advertisements for commercial projects. This is a victory for full figured women everywhere. The field of plus size modeling is wide open right now. Opportunities for plus size models are expanding every day. If you are full figured and would love a glamorous job that allows you to travel the world, you should consider plus size modeling. The following ten tips will get you started in the lucrative field of plus size modeling. 1. Make Sure You Are "Plus Size" - This may sound obvious, but agents turn away aspiring plus size models every day, telling them they need to gain weight to be considered "plus size." Many women have skewed visions of themselves, thinking they are full figured when they are actually far from it. If you want to pursue a career as a plus size model, consult with a modeling agent to make sure you qualify as "plus size." 2. Learn About Modeling - Plus size modeling is still modeling. Before you pursue a plus size modeling career, take the time to learn about the field of modeling. There are different types of modeling for different sizes and even different body parts. By learning the business of modeling, you will be ahead of all of the other aspiring plus size models auditioning for the same modeling jobs as you. 3. Plus Size Modeling is Selling - Modeling is all about business. The purpose of every modeling job is selling. Models are used to make a p... read more

Challenges of Being a Professional Model

Are you ready to become a model? Here are some great tips to get you started: DNA - The biggest challenge a person who wants to be a professional model faces is his or her own DNA. You may be thinking, “What?” You know, deoxyribonucleic acid – chromosomes and genetics. Especially in the fashion modeling industry, strict height and weight guidelines can crush the dreams of a beautiful person whose DNA keeps him or her from reaching those standards. When it comes to fashion modeling, either you were born to be a fashion model or you were not. If you are not at least 5’9” tall for a woman or 6” tall for a man, fashion is not for you. However, other types of modeling may be perfect for you. Finding a Legitimate Agent – With so many fraudulent agencies out there, it is hard for a new model to know whom to trust. An agent can make or break a model’s career. Avoid fraudulent agencies, no matter what promises they make. In addition, it is usually best for models serious about a career to avoid modeling schools, modeling conventions, and modeling competitions. Models should go straight to legitimate modeling agencies. Getting That First Major Modeling Job – It is easy to land small modeling jobs, but major clients like to work with major models. Many times large national or international clients do not audition new models, they select models with a “name” or models they have worked with before. Ambitious models who never give up and focus on networking and making contacts stand the best chance of making it with major clients. Being Abl... read more

Becoming a Fashion Model - How Do I Become a Fashion Model?

Are you ready to become a model? Here are some great tips to get you started: If you have a flawless body, perfect skin, are over 5’9” tall, smaller than a size six, and under twenty-five years old, you are a born fashion model. If you do not possess these qualities, other modeling careers like commercial, petite, plus size, and mature modeling are probably best for you. If you are one of the lucky few possessing the above high fashion model attributes, fashion modeling could be the perfect career. Waiting around to be “discovered” in a shopping mall is one way of building a career as a fashion model. A better way is to go straight to a legitimate modeling agency. The first step in contacting a prospective modeling agency is to send some photographs. Do not go out and have a photographer shoot an expensive and elaborate portfolio. Just ask a friend to take some simple, natural photographs of you. Do not overdo the make-up or strike outrageous poses while wearing high-fashion outfits, just simple modeling will suffice. That is not what a modeling agent looks for. A modeling agent wants to see simple photographs with simple hair, a simple wardrobe, simple, if any, make-up, with you posed and modeling in a simple, natural way. Once you have a few photographs printed, send them to a legitimate modeling agency. If you want to strive for the top, send your photographs to modeling agencies in New York. If you want to start small to see if fashion modeling is for you, send the photographs to some local legitimate modeling agencies. Include a cover letter expressing your interests in modeling, your physical statistics (height, weigh... read more