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Want to Be Famous Fast? Consider Reality TV!

Do you want to “be discovered” and achieve fame and fortune in a hurry? If you’re looking to get famous fast, you might want to think about reality TV. You may only achieve fifteen minutes of fame, but you could also possibly become a huge star from reality TV. When applying for a reality TV show, keep the following tips in mind. The Directions - The most important tip is to actually read the reality TV show application directions and follow them. Directions are included for a reason. If a reality TV show application requests a one-minute audition video and a one-page written bio, send exactly that… not a five-minute video minus the bio. The ability to follow directions is a quality that may help get you cast on a show. Remember… reality TV shows are still TV shows. Production schedules apply and people who don’t follow directions can put a show behind. Also, don’t keep contacting a casting director to ask if casting decisions have been made. If they want to cast you in a show, they’ll call. The Written Application – Be detailed… no one word answers. Give examples and explain your answers to the questions, but don’t be long-winded, making a two-page application into twenty pages. If you have any interesting hobbies or skills, include them on your application to help you stand out from the rest. Don’t lie on your application! Be honest about everything from your job to your weight. The Photographs – Many reality TV shows ask for photographs as part of the application. Ideally, send a close-up photograph of your face and another one of your entire body. Don’t send “professional” photographs. Clear, simple snapshots from a regular camera ... read more

How Do I Know if My Talent Agency a Scam?

Whether you’re in an entertainment industry hot spot like New York or Los Angeles or somewhere in between, there are talent agencies waiting to sign people with stars in their eyes. The problem is that not all talent agencies are legitimate. Many people’s dreams… and finances… are crushed when unscrupulous talent agencies take advantage of them. These types of agencies don’t usually even have the skill or contacts within the entertainment industry necessary to do the job. They profit by making huge promises to unsuspecting actors in return for a good amount of money. Unfortunately, after paying fees for representation, an acting career never follows. There are more and more “bad” talent agencies opening every day. They typically fall into the following categories. First is the downright scam. This type of talent agency knowingly operates a fraudulent and illegal business. The downright scam talent agency makes tons of empty promises in return for tons of money. They do not intend to help an actor succeed. Most of the time, downright scam agencies appear, make a lot of money from aspiring actors, and then disappear without a trace. Second is the business that “masquerades” as a talent agency. Typically, these types of agencies are not agencies at all. They include acting schools, modeling schools, photographers, and more. These businesses sometimes call themselves a talent agency as a “side-line” to gain more customers for their main business. They usually charge upfront fees and say things, such as “We might want to represent you, but you need more training (or better photographs).” Then, you must sign up for their expensive classes or participate in pricey photo shoots ... read more