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Member Since: 2/28/2009

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Name: Ben Mullins
Age: 23
Gender: Male
I'm a: Musician
I'm also an: artist and writer
Location: Kingsport, TN, United States
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 144 lbs
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
About Me:
Well, I'm kinda multi-talented! I can play trumpet, trombone, french horn, guitar, and some keyboard/piano and I also write my own music! I also write my own stories and draw my own characters and comics and all!

Let me go ahead and get this cleared up, I mostly don't record real people playing real instruments! The guitars you hear in my songs are probably recorded by me, as well as vocals and some brass ocassionally, but for the rest, I use MIDI instruments on the computer. So that means my  ...more
I like to play trumpet, trombone, guitar, and keyboard, and write my own music as well... but I also like to draw, comics usually! :)

I have a cartoon band called The Doovie Brothers, where I voice act as each member and pretend to be 7 different people at once... I try to make it sound like a real band, but it's all me. :) Their songs on this profile will have "TDB" in parenthesis after it... I also have pictures of them on here. :)
More Info:
Also, I have not yet finished college. I hope to continue sometime to further pursue this dream of mine! I just don't know if I'm ready for college yet! I started and it was different! Then, my car broke on the day of final exams and I couldn't make it. :( But I want to pursue this dream of mine! There's just something about music and writing it (as well as art and writing stories) that I can't get enough of! It's my PASSION... or PASSIONS. :P
Links:The Doovie Brothers' myspace
my music myspace


11/24/2010 10:42 AM
I think you are really move in the right direction going metal.

9/26/2010 3:03 PM
Sorry for the typos. Half the keystrokes don't take either I have such low band width. I hope you can read this mess LOL

9/26/2010 3:02 PM
Don't pay attention to those shamers. I get the most shames o my best sellers on itunes. So what does that tell you?Someone here just do it for sport or envy.
My wifi signal took a vacation today am on dial up or I would rate it now

8/23/2010 1:08 AM
hey thankyou so much for votin'and the compiment. :))

8/22/2010 11:17 AM
please, could you support me on the contest; ''Wich???'' my picture is Flying high. I apreciate it! :)

6/8/2010 10:10 AM
GBU!! So glad to know you're having fun on Taltopia!!

6/5/2010 12:17 PM
CDbaby takes 9%, commission but it is on there for ever if you want with no more out of pocket cost

6/5/2010 12:16 PM
If you have a good audio of that collaberation go to CDbaby's site. You can release it to itunes and other major sites for $9 thru them. Forget Tunecore. They are more money in the long run and charge storage fees.

6/2/2010 9:20 PM
Six votes for you on Songs that glorify God contest, great song!

5/17/2010 11:39 PM
Eight votes for you so far on Love Songs Contest, great lyrics!