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Role: Contestant
Location: Santa Monica, CA


AFA Models is casting fluent spanish speaking guys and girls for-"Dale a la Botella"a gameshow on channel 22 Its a take off of spin the bottle. There are 4 girls and 2 guys sitting at a table. Before the show they get asked questions so things are already preplanned. During th show you spin the bottle-if it lands on you then u get asked how u think the other players answered a particular question-you get 3 choices to pick from (like who wants to b a millionare lol) If ur right that person has to get a punishment which the 2 judges on the show will give out. Either takin off an article of clothing or something silly and preplanned. If your wrong you get the punishement. If get down to your bathing suit your out! Show is classy,fun and you are sitting the majority of the time. Girls wear classy bathing suit or bikini-guys wear swim trunks, and 2 layers of clothes on top. It starts at 9am-12:30pm 1:30-5pm or 6-9:30pm you are paid $100 cash at the end of the shoot. Shoots are March 15,16,17,18,19,29,30,31,1,2 pick one of the days! You can bring a friend! Please email pics of yourself!

Ends On 4/2/2009

Role Details


SPANISH SPEAKING Participant in game show

Category: Acting: TV Shows & Pilots
Gender: Male & Female
Age Range: 18 to 30
Weight Range: 95 lbs to 250 lbs
Height Range: 1' 0" to 7' 11"


African, African American, Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic, Latin American, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Native American, Mixed, Other

Eye Colors:

Blue, Brown, Green, Gray, Hazel

Hair Colors:

Black, Blonde, Brown, Gray, Red, White