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Role: Tom Robins
Casting: Development Hell
Location: Santa Monica, CA


An upcoming comedic web series in the vein of "Arrested Development" by a team of incredibly talented and self-motivated people from around the world. A character driven comedy, "Development Hell" is always on the look out for great actors to come in guest starring roles that steal the show.

Ends On 7/30/2012

Role Details

Not Paid

"Titties" Tom Robins is the lethargic and mysterious head of craft services/catering on the set of the show's "film". No one knows much about his past, or even how old he really is; whenever the subject is brought up, the info he gives seems to change. Tom is a quiet man that keeps to himself, yet despite this, the mere nature of his presence draws people in and everyone wants to get to know him - much to his chagrin. Tom doesn't have a care in the world and just seems to drift from job to job in order to pay his rent. Tom doesn't care if he gets fired or arrested, he just does whatever he pleases - reading porno magazines in public, stealing cake from a children's birthday party, etc. His nickname of "Titties" comes from the fact that he claims to know every nude scene in virtually any film - and claims that he knew all this before "Mr. Skin" came around (again making his age even more ambiguous). Possessing a rather large build, his looks would come off as intimidating to some, but he's more of a gentle giant than anything. Tom is a recurring character that appears in the show very often. We're looking for someone that's great with comedy, especially when it comes to dry/deadpan humor, because that is at the core of who Tom is.

Category: Acting: Internet
Gender: Male Only
Age Range: 21 to 35
Weight Range: 150 lbs to 300 lbs
Height Range: 5' 8" to 7' 11"


African, African American

Eye Colors:

Blue, Brown, Green, Gray, Hazel

Hair Colors:

Black, Brown