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Role: GIGI
Casting: Hustle Hard
Location: Los Angeles, CA


Three Ladies, One Pimp, a Duffel Bag full of money. On these streets of LA, either hustle hard or get hustled. Award Winning Filmmaker and Production Studio with a talented and fun crew. Our very first project was a short film shot on location in Sierra Leone West Africa and it garnered the Award of Excellence from the international Best Shorts Competition, it was nominated for Best Diaspora film and Best Director at the 2012 San Diego Black Film Festival. It went on to win the Best African Film at the 2012 San Francisco Black Film Festival and recently won Best Director at the Reel Sisters Film Festival and Lecture Series in Brooklyn, NY. The film is continuing it's festival run and hopefully will gather more accolades on the way. This project is bold, contemporary, edgy, provocative and a perfect opportunity for stand-out/captivating performances. We are bound for the U.S. and International festival circuits. Filming Location - Los Angeles California Audition Date - Dec 5th Shoot Dates - Jan 14th-Jan 21st 2013 No pay but offer credit and meals

Ends On 11/30/2012

Role Details

Not Paid

An aspiring hair stylist. She's sexy and intelligent but circumstances forced her to drop out of high school during her senior year. Peer pressure and financial constraints lead her into the wrong crowd where she finds herself using sexual favors to hustle affluent men. It's not the life she wants but her strong relationship with her best friend PRINCESS and her lack of conviction makes it hard for her to move on and choose a better path in life.

Category: Acting: Short Film
Gender: Female Only
Age Range: 22 to 30
Weight Range: 1 lbs to 160 lbs
Height Range: 1' 0" to 7' 11"


African, African American

Eye Colors:

Blue, Brown, Green, Gray, Hazel

Hair Colors:

Black, Blonde, Brown, Gray, Red, White