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Role: P-ONE
Casting: Indie Hip Hop Drama Accepting Submissions For Roles
Location: Phoenix, AZ


This is a look at the life of those living between worlds, the life of the halfway famous people who rock the stages and clubs friday and saturday nights, but go to work with everyone else monday morning. The world is filled with current and ex-musicians that do it all for the love, and maybe a small hope that their dreams of full time playing could be achieved. The film was written and being produced by underground hip hop lovers. No hollywood approval. No R&B singers. No million dollar actors. Just a desire to create what we want to see created for us and others like us...simple right? All Roles are available on the site: http://www.cultivatedthemovie.webs.com

Ends On 1/21/2013

Role Details


Lead member of the hip hop group. Very intelligent, he is both street smart and book smart.

Category: Acting: Feature Film
Gender: Male Only
Age Range: 20 to 25
Weight Range: 160 lbs to 195 lbs
Height Range: 5' 8" to 6' 1"


African, African American, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Mixed, Other

Eye Colors:

Brown, Green, Hazel

Hair Colors: