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Role: Lead
Casting: Bedroom Confidential
Location: New York, NY


Major Cable Network and Roxane Davis Casting is looking for a new type of Sex and the City in Manhattan, New York. Attractive, enthusiastic, promiscuous, flamboyant women in their 20's to mid 30's. We are looking for women and friends who have a different nature then every person they know. Are you single and looking for the right man that can satisfy your every need? Are you married or in a relationship but are seeing or thinking about someone else? Are you engaged and have been for 3 or more years, but don't know if your ready to slow your roll? Are you in a relationship with a man whom you have suspicion of being gay? We are looking for the next fun ensemble ready to take NY to its feet. This is a show about everything in your relationships. This is the real Sex IN The City. Not for the shy. Please submit to casting@roxanedavis.com

Ends On 6/27/2013

Role Details


Would be part of a women ensemble where you'll take NY to it's feet with a new reality version of Sex and the City. Beautiful flirtatious women showing us what's it's like to get the man you want, sharing everything with the girls, going out to bars, and loving like no one else.

Category: Acting: Reality TV
Gender: Female Only
Age Range: 20 to 40
Weight Range: 100 lbs to 199 lbs
Height Range: 1' 0" to 7' 11"


African, African American, Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic, Latin American, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Native American, Mixed, Other

Eye Colors:

Blue, Brown, Green, Gray, Hazel

Hair Colors:

Black, Blonde, Brown, Gray, Red, White