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Role: $2500
Casting: MTV Casting (16-19) and their parent/parents!!Sex...w/MOM & DAD (San Diego)
Location: San Diego, CA


We are casting for the 2nd new season of the hit reality show "Sex...with Mom and Dad" on MTV. If you are between the ages of 16-19 (any sexual orientation) and live with your parent/parents and feel comfortable talking about your sexual life and relationships to them on television to the famous Dr.Drew (from LOVE LINE). Then reply to this email with a photo of you or you and your parent/parents for more info. If chosen, you will be on an episode on MTV and get paid.....$2500! ABOUT THE SHOW: Sex may be everywhere in American media, but that doesn't mean American families are talking about it. While most teens could learn a thing or two from talking candidly with their parents about sex... and most parents would benefit greatly from opening up about sex with their kids-- it's simply easier said than done. Much, much easier. That is, until Sex ...with Mom and Dad. In each half-hour episode, Loveline's Sex and Relationship Expert Dr. Drew will help a teen and their parents work through their problems about sex, dating and relationships. Maybe a dad is worried that his daughter uses her sexuality to get attention; a son is concerned that ever since he came out of the closet, his parents haven't acted the same towards him; or a son's "ladies man" M.O. has mom worried that sex, and the girls he sleeps with, mean nothing to him. Whatever the issue, Dr. Drew will get the family talking -- often for the very first time -- about sex and intimate relationships. Initially, the family meets with him in a neutral setting to get the conversation started and pinpoint the family's main issue. At the end of the session, he'll send the family on their way with two fun yet daunting tasks, tailored specifically to their issue, and designed to get them to open up about their sexual beliefs and experiences. The journey ends with a final therapy session with Dr. Drew, in which the family typically realizes that while the journey was tough, in the end, they were ultimately able to get to know each other and respect each other in a completely new and different way. Shockingly frank, upbeat, and funny, Sex ..with Mom and Dad proves that if families can talk about sex, they can talk about anything -- ultimately breaking down barriers and improving relationships in the process. ALSO CLICK LINK TO WATCH PREVIOUS EPISODES TO GET AND IDEA ABOUT THE SHOW IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT!!! http://www.mtv.com/ontv/dyn/sexwithmomanddad/videos-full-episodes.jhtml ONLY SERIOUS INTEREST NEED APPLY!

Ends On 11/28/2008

Role Details

Not Paid

Get paid $2500

Category: Acting: Reality TV
Gender: Male & Female
Age Range: 16 to 19
Weight Range: 1 lbs to 1 lbs
Height Range: 1' 0" to 1' 0"


African, African American, Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic, Latin American, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Native American, Mixed, Other

Eye Colors:

Blue, Brown, Green, Gray, Hazel

Hair Colors:

Black, Blonde, Brown, Gray, Red, White