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3/1/2010 7:35 AM
All of my paintings and drawings are for sale please contact me if you wish to purchase original artwork or prints, Thanks, John.

3/17/2009 7:25 PM
Oh man! I was afraid they might do that! Sorry! And thanks for the donation...?

3/17/2009 5:52 PM
thanks very much everyone, but i am having problems uploading my art lol, they keep deleting my images, cant be helped i suppose, USE MY MYSPACE SITE!!!!!

3/3/2009 11:20 AM
I just went through your new media and fame'd it all. Well done! Although unfortunately, Taltopia may take off some of your female nudes, they are stunning!

3/2/2009 12:43 PM
Thanks for the fan. You have some very good work here! Keep up the good work!

2/24/2009 10:22 AM
Hi, I like your work, the colours are fantastic and you are very good at people! Keep up the good work

1/3/2009 6:58 PM
Tnanks for being my fan! And how could I resist being yours with that cute avatar? heh...

1/3/2009 5:26 PM
I belong to an online art group and they have been showcasing some art works by a John Metcaff. Are they spelling it wrong? Are you that artist? The work looks very familiar! I love it!

11/18/2008 10:26 PM
Beautiful work! Stick with it-I only wish I had followed my heart years ago!