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All Comments (8):

10/14/2011 10:19 AM
Witchy girl love it and voted and faved..and some blessings so are not outside a haunted hause.A verrrry long sentence........HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!

5/28/2010 8:49 AM
Hey SiS!!! I LOVE this picture...u got my vote for SURE in the contest...tee hee :) Luv ya sis!!! :D

1/15/2010 8:27 AM
Some say I don't need a costume ; )

1/14/2010 2:49 PM
I love Halloween too! The witch is always my favorite costume.

12/8/2009 6:22 PM
love it!!!

10/29/2009 5:26 PM
...or turn off and then back on as we got further away from it!!! Pretty wicked, huh?!!! LMAO :D

10/29/2009 5:25 PM
...invite ONE friend to my 'party'..when it was over, it was dark out, so my big sis and I walked her home around the corner...I don't know if it was the eebie jeebies or what, but EVERY single street light we passed would either flicker,

10/29/2009 5:24 PM
OMG..I can SEE that!!! (that you love halloween!!)..u know...I was born the day after...and as a matter of fact was DUE on halloween...FREAKY, huh??!!! LOL...I LOVE spooky stuff...I remember my 13th BDAY...It was FREAKY...I was able to ...