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All Comments (4):

9/27/2009 6:18 PM
Sorta how I feel about people on Taltopia..as well as the many different types and styles of art work they do!!! :)

9/27/2009 6:18 PM
Awwww....thanx gals!!! He is my sweetie!!! Yu know, I keep saying each and every one of them are my favorite cat...but, to be honest...each one of them has a certain 'quality' about them that MAKES me call them my 'FAVE' :D!!!

9/27/2009 10:49 AM
This is too cute...he looks like he is "on guard", making sure that you are all safe! (boy, he really looks like my kittens in "Pile Of Kittens", doesn't he?) lol!

9/27/2009 9:12 AM
LOL..reminds me of one of my cat's I once had,always running the house top,to cute! Famed~