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4/7/2010 11:53 AM
Oh wow Me too. My great, great grandma was Cherokee.

4/7/2010 11:46 AM
famed i have cherokee indian on my side of the family

10/30/2009 8:43 AM
I read they just tied a bundle of sticks together on one end, spread them out and piled grass if available and brush on top.

10/21/2009 10:52 AM
It's really amazing that they could whip up a shelter with brush that's laying around, and not leave any trash behind! (they could probably build a shopping mall with popcicle sticks and some duct tape!) Great shot!

10/14/2009 9:35 AM
I can see the old drive in theater I used to go to as a teeneager in the background! lol

10/14/2009 7:05 AM
I remember this wigwam being there when I was a kid and people using it for spiritual rituals

10/13/2009 11:12 PM
that is weird..what the heck is it?