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All Comments (5):

3/4/2010 11:51 AM
Awesome Stuff! We hope to see some more media from you!

11/3/2009 1:28 AM
...and THEN the idea popped in your head? OR..was this something that you've had in your mind for a while?? Come on...come ON..spill da beans girl!!! Tee hee :D I DO love it...I'm FAVORING it as well as faming!!! :D

11/3/2009 1:27 AM
OMG..ohhh....uhhh...YIKES!!! OUCH!!! That a BIG HUGE NEEDLE!!! I'd RUN myself lol!!! WHAT a TERRIFIC shot, tee hee!!! YOU GOTTA tell me what inspired you to shoot this (other than the needle lol)...where you at the doc

10/30/2009 2:14 PM
very creative, well done. Trish

10/30/2009 12:23 PM
Haha I love it