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All Comments (11):

8/2/2010 3:31 AM
I have saw the hole video on youtube before doing this site! :)

1/15/2010 8:48 AM
Halo Angels! Thank you for starting and sharing your story, and thank you for making a connection about me and my purposeful/passion. All your info is so valuable and I'll check out www.GoForFunding.com 4 Angel Investor. OK gotta Fly now

12/8/2009 6:46 PM
Love this site...it is Genius.

3/17/2009 2:12 AM
I have to agree with karenmcfadden. couldn't have said it better.

1/10/2009 9:39 AM
I had no idea how Taltopia came about. This is a wonderful interview and very inspirational as well.

1/9/2009 9:09 PM
This is a wonderful and informative video interview! It is a good thing to know how you got Taltopia started. It proves that anyone with a dream can make it a reality!

1/9/2009 1:17 PM
Glad you guy's put it together. I'm just getting started, but I've already met some nice people. Thanks

11/22/2008 10:30 AM
Nice to see how all this came about! Very informative! I was very surprised to hear you say you only allow one vote per person. What happened to this feature ! I don't remember reading this fact!

8/17/2008 3:13 PM
Excellent! Im still sorting my media, but I love it!!!

8/13/2008 1:02 AM
its soo kool how u guys made the site

4/28/2008 10:02 PM
I like the tabs!