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4/7/2010 11:42 AM
you are so talented! I am impressed

4/5/2010 9:34 PM

2/3/2010 1:34 PM
No I haven't entered this is any contests yet. It still needs improvement. It's going on the 3rd album

2/3/2010 1:27 PM
oh..btw...I know I've heard this (for contest, right?)...but I like it tee hee!!!

2/3/2010 1:27 PM
..but other than THAT...I've forgotten everything lol!!! EEEK...I'm trying this online learn yerself course thingy (free) to see if I can figure out how to use Guitar Pro 5...if I can learn it, then it'll work!! That program is kick ASS!!!

2/3/2010 1:25 PM
together n' write the words!!! I'm STILL trying to get some music written for this song I'm workn' on (only have a bit of the lyrics written so far)...but, I don't know HOW to write music...learned a bit on how to read it in Voice n' Choir

2/3/2010 1:24 PM
U know what??? I wonder how we'd sound singing in 'harmony??? How bout the 4 of us?? We should make up a song that two guys n' two gals can sing together...all 4 of us could work on it...make the guys write the music, n' we could get

1/10/2010 9:38 AM
the guitar whales(shreds,gets fret alistic) on this not to be confused with the large mammal whale

1/9/2010 8:25 AM
Hey thx. Yes I figgered it needed a little censorship to post it online.

1/8/2010 3:30 PM
1980...The year I gradgeated ha. By the way...I do know It's graduated :):):)

1/8/2010 3:28 PM
Another kick butt rock song. Cleaned it up a lil huh lol.

1/6/2010 10:03 AM
Thx Glam If you noticed I cleaned it up a bit for public consumption since my younger, rowdy days. LOL

1/6/2010 6:19 AM
This is one of my faves. I wondered if you would ever post it!

1/5/2010 2:53 PM
YOU ROCK!!!! f/f