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All Comments (9):

5/1/2010 8:55 PM
Really nice song!!! :D Everyone in the audience is talkin' though. :P I hate when I'm singing or playing in a performance or something and everyone's not listening too much. :P Anyway, great song! :D -Ben

2/23/2010 3:43 PM
Awesome! Love the song, You're great! -D. Puma

2/22/2010 11:45 PM
nice, fame +

2/16/2010 4:58 PM
I didn't notice it was an original until now. Great job! I really like it. Now I really wish those people would have been more quiet so we could hear the words more clearly.

2/16/2010 4:56 PM
Don't you hate it when you're singing and they just won't shut up. LOL You're really good. I hope you go far with your music.

2/13/2010 12:35 PM
I liked it but wouldnt hurt to get a better audio recording of it as the vocals were kind of muffled on the recording.

2/11/2010 6:52 PM
sounds good..alot like jewel if she can make it you can keep it up.

2/10/2010 9:39 AM
Nice job You should come join our live video contest

2/10/2010 9:03 AM
Thanks for uploading! Try to get more votes!