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All Comments (17):

7/26/2010 6:40 PM
Another wow shot!! f/f

7/21/2010 5:17 PM
Beautiful picture and great story...did they find the 3 missing men? f/f

7/12/2010 5:29 PM
Take the space out of the word superstition when you paste it in your browser window. I hate how this site messes up links

7/12/2010 5:28 PM
I found this online http://www.abc15.com/dpp/news/region_southeast_va lley/apache_junction/3-men-missing-in-superstitio n-mountains

7/12/2010 5:12 PM
It was on channel 3 They will probably show it again

7/12/2010 5:11 PM
Wow, your kidding. I'm going to have to watch the news.

7/12/2010 4:57 PM
Whoa They just showed on the news A helicopter search. 3 guys disappeared up there on Friday who decided to go search for the gold. They were not planning on staying overnight. Their cars are sitting in a parking lot.

7/11/2010 2:31 PM
Fantastic shot, Rhonda! I'm glad that you made it out to tell the tale! It sounds like a spooky place...but it looks so beautiful! You must be extremely brave to be out there by yourself! I'm betting the ghost town would be awesome!

7/10/2010 7:02 PM
Very nice shot :-)

7/10/2010 9:10 AM
Come on out Keith! I'm going to visit you first though lol.. I may be heading to San Diego soon. I need a break from this heat! The 70's and a cool ocean breeze sound like heaven right now :)

7/9/2010 10:48 PM
Excellent shot.........I'm coming to visit you :D

7/9/2010 8:20 AM
BTW Some guy keeps contacting us that he's found the gold mine using Google Earth and even left a comment in our myspace guestbook, but we never answer. We sure aren't going to go looking for it and get sucked into the vortex there

7/9/2010 8:17 AM
Can't wait to take the ghost meter up there and scout around. I guess we may have to wait till Fall though since it's like 110 out everyday now What a beautiful shot. It should be on a AZ Highways Mag or something

7/8/2010 10:05 PM
That is cool!Love the colors.

7/8/2010 10:20 AM
Count, it's yours for the asking :) I will send you a copy.

7/8/2010 10:09 AM
This is an incredible shot. Would make a nice cover for my Lost Dutchman's song

7/8/2010 9:51 AM
great shot...love that backward sunset we get out here...famed & fav'd