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5/10/2010 2:34 PM
Love ya, sweets!!!!!

5/10/2010 9:15 AM
HI! Thanks, I hope you enjoy my work. Ya Linda has been pretty awsome since i arrived at taltopia, not just to me but to others, Thought i might "Pay it forward". Thanks.

5/10/2010 6:55 AM
Five votes so far for you on Drawings Contest, great entry!!

5/9/2010 5:42 AM
Ten votes so far for you on Rule of Thirds Contest, thank God for our First Responders, great photo!

5/5/2010 8:58 PM
Thanks for the compliment on my grandsons picking wildflowers! Great minds do think alike...I'm making a collage of them for their mom for Mothers Day, plus we dried some of the flowers to put on the frame! I hope it turns out!

5/5/2010 6:42 PM
We all love you...no matter how short you are, or how many legs you have! (you will have a lot harder time stealin my berries though...lets face it, how fast can you run wearing one high heel?)

5/5/2010 6:40 PM
No Kathy...she's only 1'3" without the heels! Now I'm totally bummed...I didn't know she only had 1 leg! I looked everywhere to find you a leg Rebecca, but all I could find was a big stick! Is that ok? (You could always wear socks) Plus..

5/5/2010 4:50 PM
I was so worried when I realized through Janese message, that you are only 1' 7", I broke down and got you a high heel... do you only have one leg? Or do you need both shoes? LMAO

5/5/2010 2:11 PM
OMG You should be sending your writing to magazines. It is so good someone might buy some of it. Janese is cracking me up too with her comments here We gotta have a berry party. Maybe we can make our own berry wine

5/4/2010 6:34 PM
Wow...I didn't know that you were only 1'3" tall! I should have bought you the high heels...then you could be 1'7"! That would make all of the difference in the world!

5/4/2010 6:19 PM
ouch...there's that pain in my neck again...ouch! Oh crap...you don't really think there is a voodoo doll, do you? ...ouch...damn....ouch! Oh man...why do I attract these crazy...ouch...ok...I take it all back! She seems lovely! lol!

5/4/2010 6:16 PM
Seriously, thanks for the great comments and for the fames and faves! You are a doll! The witch that is making me a target for all of her anger is wasting her time fussin at me! She probably has a voodoo doll with my pic on it...

5/4/2010 6:10 PM
You are crackin me up with your comments on my media! Now you have me sneezin things up! LMAO! Come to think of it...the pollen count is ridiculous here! Honestly though, that was a string of moss from the oak tree! lolololol!

5/4/2010 5:41 PM
I second the "Cyber-Hug" Diane

5/4/2010 3:35 PM
...and for the Most Creative Comment Award, you get a big bouquet of flowers and a GIANT CYBER-HUG!(((((HUGZ)))))! Well done my Sista!

5/4/2010 3:31 PM
Little did you know...this has been my "master scheme" all along...to get my Sistas to come visit me! Nya-ah-ah! wink wink! LMAO!!! (come to the berries...)

5/4/2010 8:10 AM
Hi Rebecca, thanks for the gift, you are the best. Have you been busy with your work, how are you doing in the contests/ Have a lot of fun today.

5/4/2010 5:40 AM
Thanks for stopping in and all you've done for me and the kindness n loving ways. I am honored. Xs N Os muah

4/27/2010 11:07 AM
Thanks so much for commenting on my grandsons (Garrett & Forrest) photo's! I really appreciate it! Also, I love your new media! Its so cute!!! I've famed a bunch of them, but I still have more to look through! Great job on them!

4/26/2010 12:55 PM
Thanks so much for all your gifts!! I LOVE them all. And your message... I haven't had time to respond but I promise I will

4/24/2010 9:08 AM
You are the best, Rebecca. Thanks for taking time to listen to my stuff and the nice comments. I miss you when you aren't around here. You really add life to this place XOXO

4/22/2010 11:50 PM
thanks for all the comments....i appreciate that aloooooooot

4/21/2010 10:33 PM
You're so awesome! Thanks for the comment and fav!

4/20/2010 5:41 PM
And if I could type I'd be dangerous : )

4/20/2010 5:40 PM
You are doing so good with your singing. And it's so cool you joined the Ode contest. Thnak you!!! Love ya girlie

4/20/2010 8:34 AM
Hey, I have missed ya around here! Thanks for the sweet compliment. I'm going to check out your song! :)

4/17/2010 3:35 PM
You crack me up with the "Bi-Cardinals" comment! Tooooooooooo funny!

4/16/2010 6:07 AM
Thank you so much for your wonderful comments! You have some great media as well. =)

4/15/2010 11:42 PM
you are great!

4/14/2010 2:12 PM
Love the singing. you are awesome XOXO