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4/13/2008 6:26 AM
im at work i cant get on FB...sorry

4/13/2008 5:30 AM
hey you...what have ya been up to???

8/11/2007 10:28 AM
lol. nothing much. trying not to die of boredom in the car, i think! :)

8/11/2007 10:23 AM
so what else have you been doing???

8/11/2007 10:23 AM
oh yea that is true you did say that you were away for that long...lol... i wish that i had time to ride six days a week...my horse would die if i rode him that many times a day...he is not in shape at all..lol

8/11/2007 10:07 AM
it is so funny tho...i love her she is cool...i am just trying to keep busy...why havent you been horsebackriding?????

8/11/2007 10:06 AM
horses are going great for me and my music thing is going good to...i starting riding this horse that has been off of work for like 1yr she is like a mack truck she doesn;t know how to walk

7/24/2007 4:45 AM
hey clara...havent heard from you in a while whats going on???? how are the horses and how is the music coming along...

7/17/2007 9:37 PM
i love the way u keep it real!

5/31/2007 2:00 PM
hey i found someone else that rides horses...and it is a guy...check him out...this is his display name=fastasscutiepie

5/14/2007 8:23 AM
he is 9...he is a old man but he is still my young buck...he is slow as anything but i still love him...and he can also jump 4'0..and he is a fat quarter horse...i didn't jump him that high but my friend did...

5/14/2007 6:52 AM
he still needs alot more training...

5/14/2007 6:52 AM
he still does not stay on the bit consistantly..but me and my trainer are working on it...we came to the conclusion that he needs his teeth done and then maybe he will stop bobbing his head...and you know what...

5/14/2007 6:28 AM
that is cool now i am gonna look for it...lol...and i am gonna join...check out my new pictures...

5/14/2007 6:18 AM
yea i know there is tons on facebook..i made a group on facebook..."Dressage,the Ballet of Horseback Riding" and i know of alot more people to...cant wait to see your profile...

5/14/2007 6:08 AM
anytime....is there any other people on here that you know of that rides horses???

5/14/2007 6:01 AM
i listened to clouds... and work hard...but i will listen to the one that you told me to listen to...

5/14/2007 5:58 AM
and oh yea your music is good to...

5/14/2007 5:58 AM
i know and i cant wait for it to be aproved..that would be awesome...lol...cant wait...and i am happy that i meet you...

5/14/2007 5:46 AM
thanks i feel honored...and i will get some of my pictures up...and i sent a message to make a catagory under sports for horsebackriders...we need our own catagory

5/14/2007 5:38 AM
that is cool...i will look when i get home...but why dont you add me on here to...that would be cool i would be your first person to be a fan of...and you are right there is not that many people are named aniela skwarek..

5/14/2007 5:23 AM
well i do mostly english...but western is fun...it is very easy...it is good when you want to go out on trails and just have fun...the only thing that is bad about it is the pamel in the front

5/14/2007 5:15 AM
english rididng is what i practice but for fun i get the western saddle out...but mostly english..i have been riding for almost 14 years..

5/14/2007 5:03 AM
that is awesome..i also ride horses...i used to do hunter jumpers...but now i do mostly dressage...i cant wait until i get somemedia up so i can show everyone on here.

4/18/2007 11:22 PM

Hardy Hansen
4/4/2007 8:36 AM
great show you got it Best. Hardy

4/2/2007 1:58 PM

3/22/2007 9:42 AM
im loving your music, keep it up!

3/19/2007 7:30 PM
haha neat :D

3/19/2007 4:54 PM
i like your stuff.. I now have something up... lol