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12/19/2009 9:05 AM
Well now that I finally got the cabinet photos to post, they changed the rules and I don't have enough uploads left : (

12/11/2009 2:43 PM
xxxxxx's & oooooo"s to you too baby ; )

12/9/2009 9:07 AM
Thx for the visit, Laura I'm voting for you Let me know when the BF posts some tunes : )

12/8/2009 10:59 PM
Thanks for all the nice comments on my media. You have some great stuff, too. Good luck in the contests.

12/7/2009 11:17 AM
Thanks for the nice comment on "Christmas wish" It is in the holiday contest and I could use votes..Thanks again Janet

12/4/2009 8:35 AM
I'm good : ) Thx for asking, Laura. I think Randy should go for it too.

11/21/2009 2:21 PM
Hope your weekend is rocking : )

11/18/2009 9:00 AM
I had been taking antibiotics, so maybe it was that. At least I hope.He wants to send me to see someone else, but I feel better, so I'm going to wait. Thx for the support XOXO

11/17/2009 9:30 AM
Well, I guess I'm going to live. My tests were negative : )

11/16/2009 8:22 AM
Thanks for the complement on my mural...great shots here...mr.quacker;s my favorite!!

11/12/2009 2:14 PM
You have some beautiful work!Famed them all.I love you! : )

11/9/2009 3:45 PM
Thank you for your comments and interest in my work! I also enjoyed veiwing your media.

11/9/2009 11:59 AM
I would love to see some pics of those cabinets.Randy drew a circle around the face on the duck so if you get a chance it's in my media.Thanks,Laura

11/9/2009 7:02 AM
Which side of the photo is it on? I did that historical thing on my kitchen cabinets and now they are full of faces.

11/8/2009 8:50 PM
Thank-you for your comments! I love your photos!

11/8/2009 1:55 PM
Several votes on the way for Nature photography contest!

11/3/2009 12:44 AM
honored by the fav...thank u very mcuh...michael

10/31/2009 2:34 PM
Your slideshow of "Bored Bully Bob" was really great! I thought the story was cute, and the cats are so gorgeous! Well done!

10/30/2009 10:37 AM
I appreciate you becoming a fan of mine, but really I don't do anything aside from looking at the pretty pix people post. yours were very moving, thnx for sharing

10/30/2009 8:34 AM
Thx again for the sweet comments I actually lived in New Orleans for a short time, but I was only about 7 years old. The UK also makes a claim to that classic song. It's so old I wonder if anyone knows the real origin

10/25/2009 9:02 AM
Thx for the fanship Sam is beautiful

10/24/2009 9:50 AM
thanks 4 stopping by

10/24/2009 6:44 AM
Wecome to Taltopia Laura..There was a lot of cheating going on in the past so people are a little touchy about it..You have very nice work ..keep it coming

10/21/2009 9:53 PM
I Voted On All Your Pictures!!! They Are Beautiful ...