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2/17/2011 7:38 PM
Oops...I just read my first comment...tell Shane to forget the "food" luck, and instead have "good" luck! lol!

2/17/2011 7:36 PM
Taking an anti-inflammatory medicine helps a lot though. They think that I have swelling that puts pressure on the injured nerve. I've tried lots of things to ease the pain but the one that works best is acupuncture!

2/17/2011 7:34 PM
Tell Shane food luck on his myleogram! I just had one myself...and yes, I go through times when I have that exact same kind of pain. I've told people it feels like I have an electrical chord running through me and it keeps shorting out!

2/16/2011 7:18 PM
Thanks for stopping by and asking about me. I fell on the ice a few weeks ago and chipped a piece off a disc in my back. Its healing...but slowly. I guess my age is working against me! (I hate admitting that!) lol! Thanks again!

2/14/2011 7:36 AM
Happy Valentine's Day..I love you!!!!

2/1/2011 12:53 PM
I love you too my Betty Boop! ; )

1/24/2011 7:03 AM
Do you have my email Addy? I'd love to have a copy of that shot to post around

1/21/2011 8:31 PM
Hello Gorgeous.. ( ;

1/19/2011 11:43 AM
I guess I'll spend more time on facebook too! Let me know how I can find you, if you leave! I really want to stay in touch with you and Randy!

1/19/2011 11:41 AM
They have sucked the life and the fun out of this whole site! Its a shame...I've been here a long time, but I sure don't enjoy it like I used to! The only reason I haven't left is because I don't want to lose touch with everyone!

1/19/2011 11:38 AM
I saw what you wrote on Slipps page, and I thank you for your kindness! It has gotten so bad here that I don't spend much time on the site anymore. I don't see much reason to even enter a contest, and I've quit starting new ones!

1/19/2011 11:35 AM
I know what you mean...I had one twin survive, and one that didn't! She's always felt that "missing part" of her...but we know her angel is always watching out for her!

1/19/2011 10:39 AM
What is your FB name? I'm Linda Vee Sado on there?

1/19/2011 10:39 AM
Yep Same old Same old. Me and another musician have began pulling out of musiccontests one cheater enters a lot. He;s now by his self in the Nursery Rhyme one LOL I hope it is embarrassing.

1/18/2011 7:13 PM
I have a couple of angels too, and they've worked really hard to keep me safe! (it sure is hard to send them off to the other side, isn't it?)

1/12/2011 9:04 AM
It could even be a past relative. What's up with the guy entering a shot of a snake? I hate when people do that crap on here and then vote for themselves on top of it.

1/3/2011 8:37 AM
Hi Laura..Happy New year!! I don't come in here much anymore but I have media on facebook if you would like to see it..I love your media, you have really grown so much since you first came on this site..wonderful job!! Tell Randi Hi for me

1/2/2011 9:35 PM
Hey Laura, For some reason the vote button didn't come up on the insect contest. I'll check it later. That looks like the guy that sent me to the Hospital with a swollen arm.

1/2/2011 4:53 AM
Happy New Years and may God bless!

1/1/2011 1:47 AM
Thanks a lot!!!! Happy New Year to you, too!!!

12/31/2010 10:57 AM
thanks for faving my black beauty

12/31/2010 10:22 AM
Happy New Year friend!!!!!!!

12/31/2010 9:43 AM
Yes a stress less new year would be a blessing. It's been bad for a lot of people this year. Happy New Year to you and your family, Laura XO

12/31/2010 8:41 AM
happy new year

12/24/2010 8:54 AM
Merry Christmas to you and yours, Laura!!!

12/22/2010 8:06 PM
I hope you have a wonderfully Merry Christmas!

12/20/2010 7:54 AM
2011 can only be better. Or at least we can hope. Thank God Dallas is okay. That is so scary. I hope Sam feels better soon too. You must be exhausted.

12/20/2010 6:57 AM
Hi Laura I'm doing ok..hope all is well with you...Thanks for thinkin of me :)

12/19/2010 2:36 PM
HIIIIII LAURA!!!!!! :D So sorry it's been soooo long since I've howlered :(

12/19/2010 12:04 PM
How is Shane? Did he do the TV interview yet? Man this is the year from hell. First my husband's brother died. Now my friends 5 year old Granddaughter died this weekend. Thank God Shane is okay.