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All Comments (23):

4/28/2012 3:02 PM
It's been wonderful for me, and I feel so privileged to have fans that are that loyal.... Sergio Kato -- www.sergiokato.com

6/20/2010 2:49 AM
ello I am portuguese I have 4 sites for music recorded at home with 300 wotts will see thanks. (http://tita090.skyrock. com) (wwwyoutube titacaldas) good work beautiful picstures

2/5/2010 5:21 PM
You can get famebucks free for shaming or faming people : )

9/28/2009 4:23 PM
Lol thanks! I appreciate that. I will check it out.

9/20/2009 7:05 AM

9/20/2009 12:10 AM
Luv ur Old Friend entry in the contest!!! Good luck :)

8/18/2009 5:03 AM
Sorry it took me so long to get back to ya...I sent ya a few fame bux now...go get that foot print and enter it lol!!!

8/12/2009 4:22 PM
Thanks for your comments on my media! Sorry it took me so long to thank you, I have been on vacation!!

8/12/2009 9:19 AM
Aww thats kool. Thanks so much! I appreciate that!

8/12/2009 9:06 AM
Great new pics, Delila. I'm a huge black & white fan. I designed both my CD covers in black & white

8/9/2009 8:48 PM
Wow! Thanks that is so sweet! Thank you so much KathyLindsey! I appreciate that more than I can type on this page! Thank you so much!

8/8/2009 9:09 PM
I saw that you needed a donation to help you get into a contest... So I've helped you out a bit. Good luck on the Shadow contest...;o)

8/8/2009 2:48 PM
Thanks for the comment on my daughter's photo. She is 7 now going on sixteen! LOL Keep up the great work with your photos. I love the new horse pics :)

8/8/2009 2:02 PM
It's so cool that your camp is very close to where I live! You've had some amazing adventures and seen some beautiful places already! There's so much more adventure ahead of you! Enjoy it all!

8/8/2009 7:13 AM
good luck in the contests and just use your mind and let it escape into the camera and you will be amazed what comes out your young let your imagination run wild

8/8/2009 7:11 AM
delila you have a wonderful talent and all you have to do is look through the lens and says this is what i want and let it appear thats what ive done and theres some not so great and others that a have won great honors and awards for .

8/8/2009 12:48 AM
That sounds like a WoNDERFUL idea for a contest!!! I don't have any extreme sports photos though :(..but, if I come up w/ any, I'll for SURE letcha know :)....Do you know how to start a contest?? You could start one :)!!! I'll help u :)

8/7/2009 9:53 PM
Thanks Rebecca! I appreciate all the support everyone is giving me, that really tore me up when they said that now not so much! Lol thanks a million everyone!

8/7/2009 7:42 PM
SOOOO....NEEDLESS to say...I famed ALLLLLLLLL of your TALENTED and most SPECTACULAR, BREATHTAKING, AWESOME and more work!!! :) Keep up the GREAT work!!! :)

8/7/2009 7:42 PM
I saw what Janese wrote to you in the contest..and had to come check out all your work for myself...I have to say, whoEVER said that your work was fake is FAKE themselves!!! SO THERE to THEM!!! That BAD BAD human!!! :)

8/7/2009 9:05 AM
Nice media

8/6/2009 4:55 PM
I like ur photo in the contest. Very impressing profile also. I hope to see u in more contests here. Ur fan..Dan

8/6/2009 3:25 PM
Your bio sounds like you know what you want...and you're going after it! I like that a lot, and I commend you for setting your goals high, and working hard to achieve them! I have no doubt that you will get there!