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7/26/2010 3:18 PM
Old? What chu talkin' about Willis? Wow I wonder how much that guitar is worth. You should have it appraised. It was not new when i bought it for you in the early 80s. Haha I miss all the Black Sabbath you use to play

7/26/2010 2:54 PM
I wonder if anyone knows you used to be a blazing rock guitarists too. You should play again : )

7/25/2010 7:49 PM
I will see Chicago someday, and congrats to you you on the bees contest, AMAZING shot!

7/24/2010 12:13 PM
Great!!! I'm so glad for you.I messaged Allen yesterday and asked him to look into the Bee Contest.I guess it worked.And get this..I got an email from Taltopia saying that Margrieta donated $10.05 famebucks to my account..WEIRD.Very Funny

7/24/2010 11:47 AM
We are so happy for you.You deserve to win that one.It is a great pic of that bee.Hooray the wicked witch is gone.

7/23/2010 5:19 PM
Sorry about my language.I'm usually very polite but I'm freakin MAD AS HELL!!

7/23/2010 5:17 PM
I'm with Laura.I am so f'n disgusted with that "Bit*#" I'm furious.I put you way waaaaayyyy ahead of her with only 19 hours left.Then today I looked and WHAT!!!!!!Disgusting.I wish we could do something..It's OBVIOUS CHEATING

7/23/2010 4:38 PM
Sorry you didn't win the bee contest. :( I voted for you to win.I love your pic and Cathy Lindsay pic was really good too.So was a lot others.

7/22/2010 6:44 PM
I'm glad you liked my bubble idea. If you try it, don't mix the food coloring in the soap...just put a few drops and kind of swirl it with a toothpick. That way you get swirls of colors in your bubbles that reflect the light differently!

7/22/2010 10:32 AM
thanks for the comment and hope all is well!!

7/22/2010 9:40 AM
Got you back in 1st where you belong with this bee pic.

7/21/2010 9:29 PM
Thanks also for your kind comments on my sunflower and bubble! My grandsons are really enjoying adding foodcoloring and extra soap to make great bubbles for me to photograph! It's been so much fun. Glad that you like them!

7/21/2010 9:21 PM
Thanks so much for your comments on my daughter and grandaughter! I'm truly blessed to have them as my family!

7/21/2010 5:12 PM
Thanks for your comment on Little frog...the dogs had it surrounded and it seemed to know if it stayed against the fence they couldn't get at it! Usually all I get is their back side as it jumps off!

7/21/2010 3:37 PM
well thank u, thank u verrrrry mcuh

7/20/2010 7:13 PM
Chicago... would love to visit there someday! We play in southern Illinois. A town called Effingham is about as far north as we have played so far. Have a great week Rhonda:)

7/15/2010 10:23 AM
Thank you, i think it turned out awsome. it is magical in real life.

7/12/2010 3:30 PM
You are very welcome! What part of Illinois are you from?

7/11/2010 2:34 PM
Thank you for the great comment on Zion. It was so rainy and cold that day, but it was still beautiful in the park! I love your shot of Superstition Mountain! I've always heard of the "Dutchman's gold" and its nice to see where it is!

7/11/2010 2:04 PM
Thanks for all the great pictures. Love to see all your shots.

7/11/2010 12:48 PM
That Ford was on the corner in town... Every now and again a group of old cars drive through town, this was the one I got.

7/11/2010 12:02 PM
Maybe see if you can find some big beef soup bones and give her those to gnaw on. It really helped with Sadie

7/9/2010 8:35 PM
Thanks for the comment on my bubble shots! I told your mom, I can't seem to get a great water drop reflection like yours...but I was thrilled to catch both of my grandsons in a bubble! I'll keep trying to get that water drop shot!

7/8/2010 10:33 PM
Submitted by GlamCat Total Votes: 158 Your Votes: 15 on your Beautiful Bokeh

7/8/2010 10:15 PM
Yes we did.Thank you.

7/8/2010 8:59 PM
Thank you!Randy and I just took the girls out for a day in Mississippi.Playing around and got some good pics.

7/7/2010 3:02 PM
Thanks for the comment on my "A New Day" photo, I really appreciate it:)

7/4/2010 10:24 PM
Happy 4th to you and yours I hope all was good and fun.

7/4/2010 2:00 PM
Thanks Rhonda, hope you have a great 4th too!!

7/4/2010 1:54 PM
Happy 4th Glammy I love you!!!!