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6/11/2009 12:31 PM
I loved looking through your media and like everyone else, I am in awe! You are so incredibly talented that you inspire us all!

6/1/2009 5:13 PM
You are a professional. No doubt in mind! Beautiful work

5/21/2009 5:05 AM
thanks for the comments! kf

5/20/2009 12:53 AM
You are incredible. The best I have seen. Fan.

4/27/2009 7:22 AM
I wanted the concept to be a possitive one, not that anyone should be stiffled artisitcally. Far from what I intended. I hope you understand and thanks for your comments...that's true freedom! :))

4/27/2009 7:22 AM
I wanted to be sure no one posted a pic of a flag in a jar of urine, or anything like that.

4/8/2009 11:50 AM
You have beautiful work... Trish :) I'm a fan. Nice to meet you. If you get a chance check out my media and give some real opinions or tips on my work, I'm new at this and I would value your opinion, only if honest. Thanks,Trish

3/27/2009 2:39 AM
Very excellent portraitures!

3/20/2009 4:38 PM
we should talk... two old men to each other...my grandfather owned a Duesenburg that his driver used to give my mother rides to school. And I own an art school which could use your input.

3/13/2009 3:19 PM
Hi Kim, You have incredible talent!