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7/24/2013 1:39 PM
May be more contest? or are you burnt out on the popularity wins?

4/6/2012 7:18 AM
Eight votes for you on Single Flower Photography contest - beautiful flower!

3/28/2012 7:36 AM
Fifteen votes for you so far in Best Cat Photo Contest, beautiful cat!

11/16/2011 9:04 AM
Thanks for the congrats you left for me! My computer crashed so I didn't even know I won! Hope all is well in your corner of the world!

10/2/2011 10:20 AM
Thanks for the updates. Those choices are tough ones in reflections. Was begining to believe that it was more a popularity thing then actual talent.

9/26/2011 12:11 PM
Great stuff, love photography, and you are a great photographer. Love your work, thanks for sharing, and will be looking forward to more of your photos, have a great day.

9/22/2011 10:25 PM
Four votes for you on Flower Power Contest, beautiful flowers!

9/15/2011 11:39 PM
You're welcome. I agree 100% that nature is beautiful just the way it is. Your Golden Yellow is exquisite.

9/10/2011 5:12 PM
Hi Kristine, you have some great media hear, keep up the good work. Looks like you live in heaven.

9/8/2011 10:57 AM
Its so good to see you back at taltopia! I've always enjoyed your media so much!

9/8/2011 10:54 AM
Your new media is absolutely breathtaking! Montana is crazy for not having you put together a travel brochure for them! You certainly know how to capture the beauty of your area!

9/5/2011 7:38 PM
Eight votes so far on Yellow Flowers Contest, beautiful entry!

5/31/2011 7:11 PM
Please stay in touch, old friend! I always enjoy hearing from you!

5/31/2011 7:10 PM
I hope that all is well with you and your family! Your photos are always so scenic and fantastic...I can't wait to look through your new ones! I'll be back to get a closer look as soon as I can...I'm just too exhausted to stay up tonight!

5/31/2011 7:07 PM
Hi Kris...its so good to see you again! I haven't been on here much lately, but I try to check in when I can. We got hit hard by tornado's in my area on 4-27, and we've all been struggling to put our lives back together.

12/31/2010 10:25 AM

10/31/2010 10:56 PM
Hi! Nice to hear from you. How are you? :)

10/16/2010 9:03 PM
Thank you so much for your kind words and for your friendship! You are such a caring and talented person, and I'm blessed to have you as my friend!

8/9/2010 7:12 AM
Checking in to say hi and God bless!

5/26/2010 6:35 PM
good work nice pics congratulations

5/13/2010 5:47 PM
Love all your nature pics especailly the bears!!

4/18/2010 11:54 AM
Hi, thank you for becoming a fan of mine, hope to see more amazing work from you.

4/2/2010 6:43 PM
I hope that you're having a beautiful spring! I'm looking forward to seeing what amazing shots you got this winter!

3/16/2010 5:21 PM
I thank you for the nice profile comment. I enjoy your photography very much. Xander.

11/18/2009 7:52 PM
Enjoy your time back at the resort...you will be missed! I'll look forward to seeing the new photos you come home with! Take care my friend, and have a wonderful Holiday Season!

11/16/2009 7:00 PM
Awww...lucky YOU...have fun...we'll MISSSS you :(...Buh bye!

11/16/2009 9:11 AM
Have a great time and take lots of photos : )

11/13/2009 6:46 PM
Several votes on the way for Beautiful skies contest, beautiful work!

11/13/2009 10:45 AM
Thanks for stopping by and checking out my media again...also thank you for adding "Lil Chickadee" to your favorites

11/12/2009 11:38 AM
Hello :) Looks like yer first link is workn' :)... Did you know...YOU have the SAME eXaCt first name as my Mom?!! :D THAT is AWESOME :)!!!! Spelling and all!