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5/29/2010 7:56 PM
Hello I am portuguese I have 4 sites for music recorded at home with 300 wotts will see thanks. (http://tita090.skyrock. com) beautiful pictures congratulations and beautiful woman very nice good work and beautiful eyes

9/30/2009 7:48 PM
Like your media.:)

5/25/2009 6:37 PM
You are welcome! You have some great work too, very creative!

5/23/2009 7:59 PM
Dogs opposing a field is great :)

5/22/2009 7:31 AM
beautiful and wonderful work here, I also work primarily with natural light. But, photoshop can be funn too

12/13/2008 10:12 AM
I agree with you on your comment about photoshop! (and the comments about the "Holiday Photo") I wish they had a catagory for "natural" photography! Love your icon "An Eye"!

11/26/2008 10:07 AM
I am new here, and also love to take ( and have photos taken ) photos of nature and people. I love natural light and the close-up. Your work is beautiful to behold!

10/27/2008 5:35 PM
your work is great. im a fan!

10/27/2008 1:06 AM
I want you as a fan! Check out my work when you get a chance. Shalom!!!

10/16/2008 3:32 PM
I also believe that a photo should stand on its own without photoshop and even the old cameras sometimes work better because you have learned how they work. You have great talent. Thanks for sharing. Kris

10/8/2008 8:14 AM
You definatley have a natural talent, hope you are making some money off your pics to get yourself a good cam

9/26/2008 6:29 PM
hi! can you vote for my best bug or insect? leave stats and i will return on any entry! http://www.taltopia.com/contest/40026&e=41793&cli ck=1/Bug_Insect_and_Arachnid_Photography#votingse ction

1/4/2008 3:06 PM
Love the clouds & fireman! Thanks for visiting! Happy New Year! Bethann

c. rueda
6/3/2007 11:23 PM
sorry i havent been on lately but i saw you added me on myspace! Awesome!!!!!!!!!!! anyway... thanks for the nice thoughts and wishes, i need them ;) .. i def. am a true fan...

5/31/2007 6:34 PM
i do like your pictures they are really good...and i do agree with you about the photoshop thing you are right..

5/29/2007 11:10 AM
Neil Diamond eating a cheeseburger! Now THAT'S funny!

5/25/2007 3:22 PM
cool new pics...

5/25/2007 12:03 PM
why, thank you! hopefully i can get some nicer, more meaningful "pieces" up...

5/25/2007 11:31 AM
thanks for the heads up! i will definitely check em out!

5/23/2007 3:31 PM
nice work,keep up!And I agree on your take on photoshop!

c. rueda
5/23/2007 2:18 PM
you have some really cool pictures...

5/21/2007 11:54 PM
Thanks for the comments...I'll be sure to throw Waldo in the next one!

5/15/2007 9:56 AM
Hey, welcome to Taltopia, and thanks for uploading some media. Be sure to use the Promote button next to your profile pic to tell your friends and fans about your new account.

5/15/2007 3:33 AM
Hey thanks for the comments. I use a Nikon D200

5/14/2007 9:28 AM
thanks a bunch! i'm lookin forward to checkin out ur media =)

5/14/2007 9:10 AM
No I do not have another angle, I used it in my photography class for various things though, such as transferring it into a black and white negative and making it a symmetrical print. I really consider that picture a lucky shot.