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5/20/2009 3:02 AM
Omg...that's just people being JEALOUS and wishing they had what you have...don't let NONE of them get you down...that's what they WANT :*(. I don't know you but, I can see/feel that you are a wonderful person and have a GOOD soul!!!

3/26/2009 2:34 AM

2/22/2009 9:03 PM
You are beautiful, both then and now. Never mind the mean ramblings of mean people! Hold your head high, and wink with your so-called droopy eye if anyone says something mean to you. Peace and happiness to you!

2/19/2009 4:52 PM
i am sorry that people are so mean .... you are still a beautiful person who cares about what other say..

2/18/2009 7:52 PM
I know this is a painful time for you. I believe that you are a beautiful girl, and don't need to explain yourself to people who are jealous bullies! Just believe in yourself and the strong person you are on the inside!