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All Comments (5):

3/8/2013 4:17 PM
Cool mix !!!

9/2/2012 6:31 PM
...so I added the motif with the sytrus synth feature on the program, recorded the vocals in cool edit and said "Thats interesting?!" The rest is history. Thank you for noticing.

9/2/2012 6:29 PM
i started this song on an acoustic guitar with power chords and a melodic lead of octaves on an electric guitar. I wanted bass for it so I employed the use of Frooty loops to make the drums and bass. It didn't sound like my original....

9/1/2012 3:46 PM
This is cool, I really like the repeating motif. Is that on keyboard or guitar?

11/27/2011 12:47 PM
Good work! We hope to see some more media from you!