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All Comments (25):

12/7/2011 2:33 AM
Sorry to hear that... Health is a swine when it comes to writing music and performing... it stops you playing for long periods.... but you have to make the best of every minute you can... God Bless you too Yankee... :)

12/6/2011 9:15 PM
I forgot to mention on that music post, I also am/was stumbling in my music due to health. 2 yrs ago, heart valve (Aortic) replacement n triple bypass same time. If I go down it'll be with both gunz a blazin, ha. God Bless !!!

12/5/2011 3:09 AM
Hi Linda... life aint bad could be better but I am happy.... how is life with you? You have some well rockin' tunes... :)

12/2/2011 10:38 AM
Hi Joseph. Hope life is treating you well xx

5/27/2010 8:19 AM
Hello I am portuguese I have 4 sites for music recorded at home with 300 wotts will see thanks. (http://tita090.skyrock. com) (wwwyoutube titacaldas) good work

4/20/2010 11:51 AM
Thanks you so much, Joseph. It means a lot coming from talented you

4/13/2010 4:37 AM
Thanx for the great comments they are much appreciated... love you all xx

4/13/2010 4:36 AM
Thanx for the vote... shadowlands... voted for ya too :)

3/31/2010 5:29 AM
voted 4 ya

3/30/2010 5:48 PM
Nice,thats on the real!!Ya Under Dig me!!!

3/30/2010 10:37 AM
Glamcat also told me on the phone last night she likes your music. Rock on!!!! : )

3/29/2010 8:32 AM
You are talented as well, great music :) Thanks for the fanship, back at ya!

3/29/2010 5:23 AM
Thankyou Tina... much appreciated... I write all styles of music but somehow end up writing more rock tunes x

3/28/2010 4:15 PM
Your media is great as well. I just finished listening to it all. You have a lot of talent.

3/28/2010 4:13 PM
Thanks so much for you comment. I really appreciate it.

3/27/2010 4:09 AM
I am back again... put together a new band and the stuff is good ... love you all xxxx

1/4/2010 12:09 PM
I want you in my Young Studs In Black Leather video, Joseph Contact me if interested. All I need is a photo or two Linda

11/21/2009 1:46 PM
Where you been hiding : )

10/14/2009 8:44 PM
Awesome media guy!! :)

8/21/2009 9:51 AM
So here is my long lost twin LOL I thought I'd never find you : )

8/20/2009 4:04 PM
Thx for your kind comments, Joseph Wishing you loads of success on the new release. How exciting. May you sell a zillion downloads Great profile shot too!! XOXO Linda

8/20/2009 3:11 AM
I have been unavaillable for a while promoting my album, it is now released on Amazon MP3 and iTunes, currently writing a new album for next year. Love you all XXXX

6/28/2009 10:19 AM
Thx again, Joseph You totally rock!!!! Linda

5/7/2009 7:27 PM
Thanks for fanning me! I haven't had a chance to listen to your music yet, but I love the photo that you have posted!

4/24/2009 6:01 PM
Thanks for the comments on my work Joseph. Sorry it took a while for me to stop by but its rare I get a chance to look through my media. And its cool to meet someone on here from the UK ;o)