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7/6/2008 11:05 PM
Hi Gubaby family, I just gotta say that u guys are the future of Hip-Hop. I think the song you've picked is a good choice. Good luck gentlemen on your jorney to the stars.

7/6/2008 10:48 PM
Angie best of luck.the video rocks! you wrote this ah? nice. love you Carrie

7/6/2008 8:32 PM
Hey Angels everybody back home is going to vote for you. your video the best one there and nicole's picture at the very end is beautiful. today would have been 32nd birthday. so everyone back home is rooting for ya!

7/5/2008 3:48 PM
ok bruce i gave yo one vote just because your a fan.and the song is good. peace

7/5/2008 2:17 PM
Hey! Gubaby Family, don't know you but your song is slamming. I voted for you keep it up and get that song out.

7/2/2008 5:09 PM
Hi very nice song. I voted for ya I hope it helps you good luck

7/2/2008 11:10 AM
Talsiman is great!!!

6/26/2008 5:32 PM
subtract one of my votes

6/24/2008 8:13 AM
You are superb, Ricky! Besides learning music by hearing, you play by the heat of the moment and by the beat of your own heart and that for me is what it counts (and what music is all about!:)