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7/20/2008 11:40 PM
Thank you all so much for voting for my picture! It means so much! Everyone's pictures were so gorgeous! :-)

7/20/2008 8:37 PM
we all want our friend to win but hopefully the best pic wins in the end thats all that truly matters talent deserves praise

7/19/2008 2:53 PM
I meant to say that I agree that it should be judged by impartial judges-that would be more fair. Tho, I stil want my friend to win cuz shes amazing at taking pics.

7/19/2008 2:52 PM
I'm here to support Frecklez. I love her photography, and I'm a good friend. She posted myspace bulletins to let her friends know about this comp, so I'm voting for her. but I agree on the judging idea-hope that made sense

7/19/2008 2:32 PM
I agree on the professional judging of the contests. That would give the entire site validity; it's how Nerve.com & everyone else does it. These photos deserve a fair & discerning opinion.

7/19/2008 2:25 PM
These "contests" should be judged by professionals otherwise they are just popularity contests.

7/19/2008 2:25 PM
IMHO there are some very good photographs in this contest and the one posted by sorchbabe doesn't seem to measure up. Many of the quality photos didn't even get many votes which indicates there is gaming going on.

7/19/2008 2:03 PM
Wow, nice. See what I mean? Someone just went through my profile and shamed ALL of my photos. I know they're at least pretty good, so I feel sorry for someone who would waste their time & mine by doing that.

7/19/2008 12:27 PM
I have looking at this contest with interest, especially the comments. All the negativity aside, I think the quality of the photographs speak for themselves. I voted heartily and heavily for ImagineThat! And that, as they say, is that!

7/19/2008 11:46 AM
You can put out whatever you want online. Unfortunately, so can anybody else. People use comments to get out their frustration, and it's lame.... but at least they're not out there losing it, Falling Down-style. Rock on with your photos!

7/18/2008 1:49 PM
I'm not sure what the contest rules say about using a pic of yourself, that you didn't take. So I dunno--maybe that's allowed?

7/18/2008 1:49 PM
Y--I checked out the photos, and I see exactly what you mean. I don't really want to get into an argument with you Sorchebabe, but could you explain to us WHERE that shadow is coming from?

7/17/2008 8:49 PM
http://i193.photobucket.com/albums/z9/Mouscu/Miss issippiLightning.png Lawl On 1st place person. This pic is found in most default pictures for windows and on photobucket.

7/17/2008 2:44 PM
Wow. you guys should all just chill out. It's an art contest, to share pretty pictures. No need to be so catty about it. (Oh, and vote for Frecklez!) :-)

7/17/2008 2:41 PM
ugh imagine your getting on my nervse your grosssssss shut the hell up please!!!

7/17/2008 2:31 PM

7/17/2008 2:08 PM
kinda like waht happend to you! oh but wait...you popped from 0 to 600 in less than 2 hours...so shut your face! you are the cheater...sorche has friends that vote for her! unlike you.. you vote for yourself!

7/17/2008 1:48 PM
Thanks so much for all the votes everyone! Lust is such a beautiful model, I swear that girl cannot take a bad picture. Please keep voting for her pic! Thanks! and Good luck to everyone--there are so many gorgeous pictures on here!

7/17/2008 12:09 PM
ibn..she is right

7/17/2008 9:44 AM
lol i was looking at all the comments and imaginethat should be taken off.. if you cant tell by now he is the one who is making 50 accounts and voting for himself

7/16/2008 10:11 AM
wow! I woke up to my picture being in 3rd place! Thanks so much to everyone who has been voting for it! :-)

7/15/2008 8:21 PM
Thanks everyone for the votes on Lust. shes a beautiful model. :-)

7/13/2008 11:50 AM
I hope everyone is doing well today. Some brilliant pics submitted.

7/12/2008 6:50 AM
Dont mess with SorcheBabes Thats my homeslice I support her in EVERY contest so booya

7/12/2008 2:23 AM

7/11/2008 8:17 PM
Also, the concern with ImagineThatProductions entry has been looked into and we found that it was an original media. Please be assured that we are trying to keep this fair! Thanks for participating!

7/11/2008 8:12 PM
We have removed an entry from this contest because we found that a user had created multiple accounts to vote up their media. This is strictly prohibited for obvious reasons. Good luck, and please use the contact us link for any concerns!

7/11/2008 3:17 AM
this site is gettn real gay really quick....

7/11/2008 3:16 AM
this site is gettn real gay really quick....

7/10/2008 8:30 PM
the photo has been removed!I just stopped by to wish everyone good luck and god bless!!