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10/14/2008 6:56 PM
Thank you, Sammyjay! The loneliness is cruel sometimes... :)

10/13/2008 2:38 PM
Hey, check out Somewhere over the Rainbow, vote or me if you think i deserve it. Thanks!

10/9/2008 9:53 PM
Thank you, Tabbys2! That's what I thought, too :))

10/8/2008 12:07 AM
my daughter agrees with me :]

10/8/2008 12:07 AM
Sonata. I dont think the cat is funny i think its the guy laughing in the background was what made me laugh realy hard. :P

10/7/2008 10:22 PM
Thank you for your kind words, Seacasa! Good luck to you too :))

10/7/2008 2:47 PM
Hi Sonata, I'm really pleased that there IS someone out there with a sense of humour!!lol!! - thanks for entering hun and good luck :o)

10/6/2008 4:35 AM
Please!! Do NOT vote for "Monster and the Groom" because you just like me or want me to vote back!! - I'm curious if people actually think that the video is funny (or not)!!